Xerox to Show CiPress 500 Production Inkjet System at Graph Expo

Jim Hamilton
Sep 9, 2011

It finally has a name: CiPress (pronounced like Cyprus, the country, or cypress, the tree). The Ci stands for color inkjet. Last shown as a technology demonstration at the Hunkeler innovationdays, Xerox’s CiPress 500 Production Inkjet System will make its North American debut at Graph Expo where it will be shown in a single-engine duplex (SED) configuration.

Xerox CiPress 500 Production Inkjet System (single engine)

Xerox CiPress 500 Production Inkjet System (single engine)

Described as a waterless inkjet device, the CiPress 500 prints in process color at 500 feet per minute (2,180 color pages per minute) in a twin-engine configuration. Using its solid ink, phase-change technology, Xerox is positioning the CiPress 500 as having the ability to print on low-cost, plain paper without ink showthrough. Self-monitoring and auto-correcting production controls are also highlighted in support of the ability to print “tens of millions of pages a month” (no duty cycle figure has been publicly announced yet). The front end is Xerox’s FreeFlow Print Server. Xerox is also touting the advantages of a program it calls IntegratedPlus, which builds on standards and industry software partners. The first IntegratedPlus offering is through GMC, which has produced custom-designed software for improved productivity.

Xerox announced that a twin-engine duplex configuration will have a list price of $3.8 million. This includes a FreeFlow server but not the pre- and post-equipment. Order taking will begin immediately and Xerox expects installs to happen later this year. The single engine duplex configuration is being previewed at Graph Expo and will be available in mid-2012. It can be upgraded to a twin-engine configuration but is being offered to provide a lower cost of entry point. The CiPress 500 is not currently MICR capable. Xerox will announce further details on its MICR strategy at drupa next May.

Xerox CiPress 500 dual engine configuration

Xerox CiPress 500 dual engine configuration


Name Xerox CiPress 500 (SED) Xerox CiPress 500 (dual engine)
Web width 8.5” 20.5”
Web speed 500 feet per minute 500 feet per minute
Throughput Throughput 1,090 images per minute (1-up duplex) Throughput 2,180 images per minute (1-up duplex)

Additional details on the device are included in InfoTrends’ Hunkeler innovationdays show report, which is available to InfoTrends clients on our private client web site. Xerox will be bringing analysts to the product’s test site, a direct mail company called dmh Marketing Partners, towards the close of Graph Expo. I will have more to say about that when I return.

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