Xerox Safe Courier

Anne Valaitis
May 15, 2014


In March this year Xerox announced Safe Courier, a solution developed to help customers transmit documents securely, and directly from a mobile device. Mobility solutions and services continue to rapidly evolve providing real value for business-to-business and business-to-customer engagements.
Recent InfoTrends research into Mobility, Mobile Solutions and Services: Strategies Driving Market Adoption and Transformation, revealed that mobile devices and BYOD strategies are employed widely; however, their usage is far less sophisticated and provides little process integration. Companies like Xerox with the Safe Courier solution are developing ways to utilize mobile devices to automate business communications and processes.


What is Safe Courier?
According to Xerox, Safe Courier is a mobile solution designed to offer an alternative to traditional document and content delivery. The convenience of the mobile device is undeniable and has become a fierce competitor to a fax machine and older methods of transport such as email. Safe Courier leverages security protocols to safely transport documents, from a mobile device. Utilizing the camera functionality from the mobile device provides a convenient way to scan documents directly into a business process, anywhere, anytime.
One example Xerox gives for Safe Courier is filing an accident claim to your auto insurance company. In the past you would need to collect various documents that could include the claim form, copies of driver’s licenses, photographs of automobile damage, and estimates from auto body shops to repair. The documents would then be compiled and faxed, emailed, scanned or USPS mailed to the insurance adjuster for processing. This process could take days even weeks, and that’s assuming all pertinent documents were provided correctly. With the Xerox solution, documents can be scanned using the mobile device’s camera and the Safe Courier app. The solution will convert your pictures to high quality images and the app will send your images safely and securely to the intended recipient.


The Safe Courier mobile solution delivers a mobile app designed to capture documents, and a platform to securely deliver and integrate into various processes. And while mobile devices are proliferating in the business landscape, often these processes are also managed from a desktop environment. Safe Courier is supported on multiple platforms to accommodate a variety of methods.
Xerox will also offer Safe Courier as a private-label solution named Secure Doc Sender. As a private label offer, an organization can choose to customize the solution to meet their specific needs and requirements all while maintaining marketing control and branding.


InfoTrends’ Opinion
A more sophisticated, maturation in the mobile business process evolution will help drive solutions such as Safe Courier deeper into businesses. Replacement of fax and elimination of communication through email for critical business content, which can be highly unsecure, provides companies with a new way of integrating and interconnecting for sending documents. Further, a private label option can provide companies with flexibility and options for offering a cutting-edge mobile solution without the cost of development and resources. InfoTrends suspects initial interest may be fax and email alternatives for cost savings, however moving forward, it’s vital for document providers to innovate towards a mobile-first computing environment.

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