Xerox Expands its Global Document Outsourcing Services

Will Morgan
Nov 17, 2016

In anticipation of separating its business process operations into the newly minted company named Conduent, Xerox announced today that it is expanding its Global Document Outsourcing (GDO) Services Business to include two comprehensive offerings:

  • Communications & Marketing Services: A comprehensive suite of services designed to help clients transform their promotional, business, and transactional communications to enhance their customer’s experience.
  • Document Transaction Processing Services: A business automation offering that enables digital transformation by improving client’s flow of information into business processes.

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Believing communications are key to customer experience and retention, Xerox says its solutions are intended to help clients manage customer communications at every stage, from consultation and content creation to production, distribution, storage, analysis and processing.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Communications & Marketing Solutions is positioned as a one-stop shop for marketing execution and supply chain management, giving clients a single point of contact across the entire customer communications lifecycle for promotional, business, and transactional messaging.
  • Document Transaction Processing Services will “meet the needs of today’s digital transformation” by capturing information from multiple channels, creating structured data from unstructured input, automating information processing, and storing documents in accordance with regulation and easy access.
  • This culmination of recent service expansion efforts provides additional support for mobile delivery and multi-channel document capture, better integrating it with the company’s managed workflow solutions.
  • Xerox expects its comprehensive approach will appeal to prospects who are struggling to communicate with their customers through digital channels while making effective use of data and content.
  • Traditionally, these types of end-to-end services have been designed from the ground up to meet the specific needs of major clients. While bespoke solutions will still be available, these new packaged services are designed to address common communication management problems.

We have seen a continued focus on fine-tuning and repositioning messaging (or rebranding) across the document outsourcing landscape in recent years. In most cases, emphasis is shifted to omni-channel delivery, though revenues are still highly correlated with printed output. Others focus on being a “one-stop shop” that can provide value throughout the customer journey. Ironically, as providers increasingly shift to holistic value-chain messaging, it becomes more difficult to differentiate offerings.

In its attempt to differentiate its Communication and Marketing Solutions, Xerox is taking a consolidated approach to thinking about promotional and transactional communications, with executives contending that every communication is critical to the overall customer experience. For instance, lackluster transactional interactions can squander the hard work promotional messaging accomplished in winning a customer. For its part, Xerox supports clients’ unique goals and messaging needs through its Communications Advisory Services.

InfoTrends’ Opinion

Improving customer experience for the end customer has been a top strategic objective across all of the businesses that we surveyed in our annual Customer Communications research this year. Xerox is aiming to help their clients do just that. While this announcement largely repackages existing services, Xerox’s Global Document Outsourcing business will benefit from clear positioning ahead of the upcoming separation. Coming off of a down year in 2015, we will see if this new approach provides the storyline that Xerox needs to close out the year and grow through 2017.



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