Xerox Blurring the Lines Between the Paper and Digital World with New Solutions and New Partners

Allison Correia
Nov 7, 2014

On November 6th, Xerox launched their Next Generation Managed Print Services campaign to help reduce printing in the workplace, increase user awareness and drive results with paper and digital publishing. They announced three new solutions for the enterprise to automate, simplify, secure, integrate, assess, and optimize processes.

These new solutions are meant to help move the enterprise to a more paper-less work environment, to increase efficiencies, and to improve productivity. President of Large Enterprise Operations, Xerox, Mike Feldman, stated “At first thought, we may be an unlikely source to say ‘print less’, but we bridge the digital and paper worlds to help enterprises better understand, protect and use information more intelligently.”

Xerox’s Digital Alternatives is a business process automation tool that is designed to help any large organization handle common document tasks digitally, supporting security, mobility and process efficiency. With this solution users can complete ad-hoc, document-based work processes across PCs and iPads, without paper. From this one interface, users can read, save, share, sign, and annotate (highlight, take notes, sign). The application provides the same experience to both Microsoft Windows-based PC and Apple iPad tablet users, including synchronization of documents across devices. With Digital Alternatives there is no need to print documents, convert files, or go back and forth from different programs, devices, and versions of a document. This tool streamlines these processes saving time and increasing efficiency. Also, with real-time analytics of the document cycle, enterprises can better understand their workflow and how to manage the digitization process. Xerox Digital Alternatives is available immediately in North America and Europe; worldwide in 2015.

Xerox Digital Alternatives Tool – Highlighter Feature

Xerox ePublishing Services goes beyond print with digital communications, providing both print and digital editions of documents by using a common document processing workflow. The service provides a digital file output for all displays/devices, and an interactive, content rich document creating more impactful communication. It also enables organizations to determine return on investment and digital document readership patterns through closed loop analytics. With this solution, Xerox is striving to help their centralized print services clients evolve through the analysis of communications usage for content optimization, and by enabling multi0channel communications, driving growth and reducing cost per document. Xerox ePublishing Services is available immediately in North America and Developing Markets.

Xerox Print Awareness Tool is a green initiation solution created by Xerox’s Research Centre Europe to help organizations reduce their carbon footprint and encourage employees to be more environmentally responsible. This “bottoms-up” approach highlights employees’ printing behavior, and shows how you are being wasteful, with a rewards system for those being “green”, even showing comparisons between peer behaviors enhancing friendly competition with these incentives. The software tracks company-wide print reduction efforts, monitors and analyzes print history and wasteful habits. It also provides tips and suggestions on smarter printing and how to be less wasteful. The Xerox Print Awareness Tool promotes sustainable habits through changing users’ behaviors and increases MPS cost savings through print reduction and efficiencies. This solution is available initially in North America and Europe.


In addition to the delivery of these new solutions, Xerox has announced two new strategic partnerships with Hyland and DataWatch to further increase efforts of workflow digitization within several verticals including; government, retail, healthcare, insurance, and financial services. With these partnerships Xerox hopes to enhance automation and simplification of client business processes. “Enterprises know the value of digitization and are looking for ways to get there faster. Partnering with Hyland and Datawatch further strengthens our next generation managed print services offering which is all about moving organizations closer to a more digital, productive and paper-less work environment,” said Feldman. Hyland Software focuses on healthcare, insurance, financial services, and government. The partnership is built around Hyland OnBase technologies with ConnectKey integration. OnBase is a flexible and comprehensive enterprise content management solution that helps organizations manage documents and data to streamline business operations. DataWatch is a retail specific solution, allowing Xerox customers to automate the retail supply chain processes between distribution centers and stores, making this a niche partnership with a leading visual data analytics company. Both Hyland and DataWatch are global companies with Hyland primarily in U.S., Canada and Western Europe, and DataWatch present in U.S., Canada, France, UK, Netherlands and Brazil.

Xerox is recognizing the shift from manual to digital documents and information workflows, and putting their efforts towards helping their customers eliminate pages and achieve cost efficiencies through the launch of these new solutions, and partnerships with Hyland and DataWatch will certainly help. With MPS reaching maturity in the enterprise space, it is a smart move for Xerox to focus on business process automation- what could be referred to as the “next generation of MPS”. No matter the industry, organizations are constantly striving for efficiency which stems from automating processes, and making green choices, all of which is encouraged through Xerox Digital Alternatives, ePublishing, and Print Awareness. By automating processes and eliminating labor-intensive document handling, employees are given more time to focus on more important activities that drive revenue. With the transition from paper workflows to digital, comes the ability to trace the document cycle and digest analytics. It’s important that Xerox is taking these tools a step further into analytics because the benefits of deeper insights and guidance from data collection are becoming increasingly recognizable. Analytics capabilities can be a significant value point as they can arm decision makers with information to implement cost saving policies, and fulfill environmental goals to increase office productivity. It is imperative that as the office environment evolves, and the need for digitization increases, that vendors address these changes, adopt them into their selling strategies, and continuously look forward.


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