Xerox Annual Partner Conference

Randy Dazo
Apr 15, 2010

Xerox recently held it’s annual partner conference where they brought together the production and office solutions partners for the first time. Last year Xerox made significant shifts to their business by internally combining their office and production groups breaking down these silos of their business. With that change also came bringing two separate partner groups together, office and production as one business unit. Leading this new group is Elizabeth Fox, Vice President, Solutions Business Team. The conference on the partner side consisted of about 1/3 production peripheral/accessories companies, 1/3 production solutions and 1/3 office solutions vendors. Xerox personnel consisted of partner program members and various sales organizations from around the world.

Bringing both of these groups together is no easy task. Traditionally there had been two separate platforms, two separate development teams, two separate developer programs and two separate management teams leading these initiatives. And although there will still be two separate platforms for the time being, Xerox is working hard to bring the rest of these separate areas together. Throughout the rest of the week Xerox conducted sessions on the new programs, technical programming sessions and ample amounts of networking time for vendors to discover new partnerships within this new combined group.

The two platforms today consist of EIP that works on specific office MFP devices and the Xerox Freeflow suite for production hardware. The EIP platform has traditionally been an open program that promoted the “a no barriers to entry” with no initial fees and virtually no restrictions for anyone to obtain the EIP SDK (sorry no competitors though). Only until a recent announcement, the FreeFlow suite had been a somewhat closed environment. Xerox announced a new FreeFlow SDK which will open up connection capabilities with third party partners to integrate their solutions more seamlessly into the FreeFlow suite.

With these new announcements it seems that Xerox is taking elements from both the production side and the office and brining the best of both worlds together. It will be interesting to see what this new integration will bring in terms of new partnerships and solutions. We think bringing both groups together is a very interesting venture as customers don’t see these artificial walls within their own businesses when it comes to their output solutions environments. We look forward to seeing further partnering between office and production solutions such as seamless office/production rules based printing solutions. Hopefully the Xerox partners see the same connections with their business as Xerox sees with theirs and new partnerships and solutions evolve to better solve customer business problems.

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