Xerox Announces Next Generation Workflow Automation Solutions and More

Allison Correia
Nov 17, 2015

On November 16th, Xerox announced two new workflow automation solutions for the insurance industry and HR departments, updated versions of two of their platforms (Digital Alternatives and DocuShare), and new components of their MPS strategy for the channel.

New Workflow Automation Solutions

Xerox released solutions for insurance and human resources, areas that are both information-heavy, and involve time-intensive, manual processes. Xerox’s solutions automate the processes, creating more efficient business environments. According to Large Enterprise Organization President Mike Feldman, these solutions can replace “antiquated, inefficient document management systems, often the source of customer and employee dissatisfaction.”

The insurance solutions are branded as Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for New Business Processing and Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Claims Processing. The insurance new business processing solution captures and manages all content related to new policy applications, supports the underwriting process, and provides integrated access to customer data from within core insurance policy systems. Workflow Automation Solution for Claims Processing enables claims examiners to easily access information, schedule tasks and track claims as they move through the process, providing better control over claims disposition and the release of funds.

Xerox has also expanded their solution for onboarding to cover two areas: Employee File Management, and Policies and Procedures Administration. The Workflow Automation Solution for Employee File Management deploys an entire employee lifecycle system capable of managing employees’ files and supporting documentation produced during employment from recruiting and selection through to final offboarding. Workflow Automation Solution for Policies and Procedures Administration streamlines policy creation, distribution and approval while improving employee acknowledgements, thereby supporting adherence to key HR policies and increasing regulatory compliance.

The industry and cross-industry Xerox Workflow Automation Solutions are currently available in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Digital Alternatives 2.0

Xerox also announced their personal and office productivity solutions Xerox Digital Alternatives Version 2.0, where they have added digital signatures, and enterprise content management to support more complex workflow requirements. New key features include collaboration with DocuShare and increased cross-platform collaboration with Mac and Android.

Xerox Digital Alternatives Version 2.0 will be available in the United States, Canada, Europe and Developing Markets Operations in the first-quarter 2016.

DocuShare 7.0

In addition, Xerox released DocuShare Version 7.0 that provides clients with an on-premise or cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) repository. This major update release supports every worker’s document management needs with a modernized Web interface optimized for simplicity and mobility, intuitive workflow tools for business users, integration with enterprise applications, and tight integration with Xerox Multi-Function Printers.

Xerox DocuShare Version. 7.0 is available in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Developing Markets Operations immediately.


In July 2015, Xerox announced an intensified focus on the SMB market, and Monday’s announcement included some more news on that front. Executives pointed to research showing that the SMB segment of the MPS market is growing much faster than other MPS segments and intends to capitalize on this entirely through channel partners. To help partners’ better reach the MPS market, Xerox announced a web-based MPS assessment tool called the Print Efficiency Check-up.

The tools are composed of five questions designed to assess the efficiency of a businesses’ document environment. The results, which are emailed to the business user, will describe visually how MPS and/or BPA can reduce costs and make their operations more efficient. The tool will be available on the Xerox website with all leads and requests for meetings going to partners. It can also be white-labelled, customized, and hosted on partners’ websites.

InfoTrends recognizes that there is a continuum of business process improvement within any organization. These workflow automation solutions, from MPS for output efficiency to Digital Alternatives for ad hoc, and BPO for decreasing risk and lowering costs, to BPA for simplifying and removing tasks altogether, Xerox has a strategy that covers all of these areas. InfoTrends sees this as a differentiated portfolio in an industry where differentiation is difficult to attain. We look forward to seeing what else Xerox releases over the coming months.

InfoTrends is also publishing a full analysis report on this topic that covers each of the new products announced, and further describes Xerox’s MPS channel strategy. Contact for more information.


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