Will Phoneless Cameras be the Next Big Thing?

Ed Lee
Nov 21, 2014

Woot! is known for its quirky and often humorous descriptions of the overstocked items that it sells. From time to time, they cause me to smile, chuckle out loud, and even buy something. The following screen capture is a recent example of its humorous approach to selling digital cameras. 

Something is Missing

There has been a lot of discussion in the industry around naming of compact interchangeable lens cameras. The term “mirrorless” continues to be used as a way to differentiate them from DSLRs, which use a mirror box. InfoTrends has said many times in the past that naming a product for something that is does not have is confusing to consumers and will be bad for sales.

Well, leave it to the Wooters to start marketing digital still cameras as “phoneless cameras,” in deference to smartphones, which have become the everyday camera for many people. Apparently, there really are cameras that do not come with a phone, with no incoming text messages or calls to interrupt you while you are trying to take a photo. Brilliant!

InfoTrends Opinion

While it is unlikely that “phoneless cameras” will become part of the photo industry lexicon, the term seems to have worked for Woot!, as its supply of cameras was quickly sold out. Maybe other retailers should take notice and set up phoneless camera sections in their stores for the upcoming holiday shopping season. It might help boost year-end sales!


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