W2P and Print MIS Lines are Blurring + Introducing Print Reach

Ryan McAbee
May 1, 2019

The line that clearly separated a web-to-print (W2P) solution for print e-commerce from a print MIS solution to manage those and other orders through production continues to blur. Think of the first iteration as a divided highway with a solid do-not-pass line in the center where information from online orders traveled on one side and needed to be re-entered to travel in the print MIS lane. The second phase allowed for a passing lane where the systems had a base level of integration to send order information and status back and forth. Today, we are increasingly seeing solutions that combine the two functions into one product or have enhanced integrations to act as one solution. In other words, W2P and print MIS are now traveling together on the same super highway.

Some of these solutions are offered over the cloud via software-as-a-subscription, which Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends refers to as Skinny Print MIS solutions. These solutions are purpose-built print management systems that have a narrower functionality scope than traditional print MIS solutions. They commonly have the following characteristics: SaaS-delivered, simplified product pricing (no or limited modules), and tight integration with the built-in web store to eliminate data rekeying and automate job creation. These solutions typically focus on small or medium-sized printers.

The other market approach has been to integrate existing W2P and MIS solutions so they can seamlessly pass information. The respective vendors work to develop this baseline of integration ahead releasing it to the market, which should reduce the amount of customization and professional services needed. The same benefits of data rekeying and job automation exist with this approach, but these solutions typically cater to larger printers and are commonly installed on-premises.

Source: PrintReach.com

Now there is another entrant coming into this evolving landscape—Print Reach, a new company created by the merging of two veteran companies, PagePath Technolgies and Virtual Systems. Principals Chris Huber and Greg Witek explained the virtues of the combined companies, including reaching more and varied customers (small to large), the ability to combine and focus resources to deliver a new ecosystem of products, and benefits to customers as part of the launch. Adam Witek, the Director of Customer Experience, quickly reassured customers by stating, “Meeting the needs of our current customers is critically important to our business. Existing teams will continue to build, market, sell, and service Virtual Systems’ and PagePath Technologies’ core products with a focus on ensuring that the customer experience remains superior. In addition, our existing customers will have immediate access to a broader software portfolio.”

These market developments offer a lot of upside potential for customers, reducing the complexity and cost while increasing the utility and benefits. InfoTrends sees this announcement as another example of software vendors building platforms (or ecosystems) that can flex and scale with printers’ needs. As printers continue to add more applications and technologies to grow their businesses, they will demand more of their software solutions and require a single view of operations along with a single system of record to succeed.

About Print Reach

Print Reach is a leading provider of print and mail productivity software that drives real business value for customers in the commercial and in-plant print industry. Print Reach offers a family of integrated solutions that include leading print and mail management software, shop management software, and web-to-print solutions for printing, mailing, and fulfillment companies.

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