Visions of Modern Packaging from the HP Media Day

Pat McGrew
Mar 11, 2018

The team at HP hosted a Media Day in Israel in February that unveiled the HP C500 cut sheet inkjet corrugated board printing platform along with demonstrations of the HP Indigo 6900 and 20000 platforms. Combined with a customer event, the HP team had an opportunity to bring both a technology story and a customer success story to the Media event.

Keypoint Intelligence produced analysis for the event that covers the event and introductions. This blog is focused on the samples shown during the event, which focused on the  corrugated packaging story, and the complementary stories behind folding carton solutions.

The samples shown above feature some of the brands engaging with HP and their customers for production. In general, the digital printing of folding carton boxes and wrappers meets the needs for short runs tied to marketing campaigns. Some of the examples show segmentation, some regionalization and others show personalization.  With the availability of the white ElectroInk, Indigo also spotlights the ability to print on dark substrates and to add highlights.

Shown below are some of the innovative examples that were featured at the event. Note the box that is printed and finished to look like a purse. It show deep color, unique finishing, and brings excitement to whatever it contains. It is this type of intriguing packaging concept that is perfectly suited to the digital printing solutions HP showed at the Indigo plant.

Below is the detail of the purse package. Note the detail printed texture. While they did not add personalization, the front buckle could have been styled with the recipients names for a personalized touch, or segmented using the name of the retail stores carrying the product. One of the important things that HP did at this event was spark imagination. They said that packaging is a promise and the examples show how good packaging design can both tease the promise and deliver on the promise.

Another facet of packaging design opportunity that was on display involved package display. Box design can extend beyond a single instantiation and expand to involve the way packages are displayed to communicate  message. Shown below is a set of Ahava boxes with different colors that give the retailer interesting display options. Think about taking it a step farther and Ahava could use different colors for different types of retail outlets, add retailer messaging to the boxes, or provide options for personalized gift boxes. Once the digital option has been enabled, the options for design are extensive.

Beyond folding carton packaging, the introduction of the PageWide C500 cut sheet corrugated sheet printer grows the number of options for corrugated packaging and the people who design them for the brands. Below is an example of eggplant cartons that use a design technique that uses the side of the box to build a mosaic billboard for attractive store display.  This is similar to what Ghelfi Ondulati do using their HP T1100 to preprint the liner before creating the final corrugated board and cutting them into fruit cartons and other products.  The C500 approach lends itself to very short runs on different types of corrugated products, including microfluted products like wine boxes.

The C500 demonstration we saw at the Media event covered both uncoated and coated media, both with good print quality. For packaging designers and brand managers curious about the possibilities of packaging, this technology deserves a look.

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