Use Data to Moneyball Your Print Workflow

Ryan McAbee
Apr 10, 2019

It’s in our nature to root for the underdog. We also love the meteoric rise when the underdog exceeds all expectations and reaches the top! Hollywood loves to dramatize these story lines and the 2011 release of Moneyball was no exception.

The Oakland Athletics general manager, Billy Beane faced a challenge after the 2001 season as several star players were set to move to other, higher paying, teams. Faced with a limited budget, Beane stumbled upon a Yale economics graduate, Peter Brand, who developed a mathematical approach to evaluating baseball players. His method focused on the player’s on-base percentage to find undervalued talent that could be added without breaking the bank. (Watch the movie or read the book Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game for the rest of the story.) Just like Peter Brand, print service providers need to look at the data to make informed software investment and automated workflow decisions. The lack of information, specifically the ability to financially justify software, has led owners to decision paralysis. Industry data regarding roles and tasks, along with costs, to aid decision-making have been hard to attain – until now.

Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends focused our 2019 software investment research on collecting and quantifying the impact of labor costs on print workflows for the North American and European markets. We set out to collect the labor costs and other metrics associated with twelve workflow tasks required for many types of print jobs. Those workflow tasks are as follows:

·         Artwork and Design

·         Document Scanning

·         File retrieval and job onboarding

·         Preflighting

·         File corrections for content

·         File corrections for artwork or color

·         Imposition

·         Electronic proofing

·         Hard copy proofing

·         Data preparation for VDP

·         VDP document design

·         VDP logic programming

The results show that the average printer can save around 1M EURO/dollars annually across these twelve tasks. There are additional cost saving opportunities that can be unlocked by identifying and minimizing waste due to mistakes in print production.

There are two opportunities to learn more about this mission-critical research:

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