Uh oh camcorders… mobile phones & digital cameras favored video devices for young and old

Carrie Sylvester
Apr 13, 2016

video lead image2If you wanted to capture some groovy family videos in the ‘60s and ‘70s you likely used a Super 8mm film camera, while the ‘80s brought us a “luggable” VHS-based camcorder. My shoulder still feels the pain from those days! Thankfully the ‘90s brought smaller and lighter digital camcorders that recorded onto compact video tapes and in the 2000s they made the move to internal memory or flash-based memory cards. Present day finds the traditional camcorder being replaced by even smaller and more convenient mobile phones, and digital cameras. Will these pocketable devices replace camcorders?

The Survey Says….

Source: 2015 Video End User Study

Source: InfoTrends 2015 Video End User Study

We asked people that shoot video (with any device), which camera do you use most often to shoot videos? The most popular devices for taking video are mobile phones (69%), digital camera (15%), and camcorders (10%). Tablets and analog camcorders were seldom used. There was a clear difference in video shooting preference when looking at this question by age. Respondents aged 18 to 24 relied most heavily on smartphones. Digital cameras were also popular devices amongst all age groups. Digital camcorders were being used, but were more popular for recording special events. Digital camcorders for everyday video taking were used more by older adults (aged 45-55+). Tablets aren’t popular devices for shooting video, although they rated higher than analog camcorders.


Why does it matter…?

It matters, because an old family friend is being pushed aside for a more convenient, maybe flashier, new friend. Will these pocketable devices (mobile phones and cameras) replace camcorders? The quick answer is for everyday videos they have already become the go to video device for most people. Camcorder vendors, wishing to remain relevant to consumers’ increasing video taking habits, must find a way to compete with mobile phones and digital cameras. Camcorders need convenient sharing options to be used in more everyday video situations or they will only be taken out for special events and occasions.

On a positive note, camcorders are ideal for shooting special occasion videos because they are meant to handle longer videos (shoot times, storage, and battery life). Smartphones or digital cameras, on the other hand, are only meant to handle shorter videos. InfoTrends believes camcorders, mobile phones, and digital cameras can co-exist based on everyday versus special occasion use case scenarios.

If you want to learn more about the latest InfoTrends Video End User Study, contact Matt O’Keefe with questions.

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