The YSoft Difference – Distinction in a Crowded MPS Space

David Ramos
Feb 22, 2016

YSoft_v2_RGBWith headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic and offices around the world (including Asia, Australia, The U.S. – Dallas, Texas and multiple locations in Europe), the YSoft Group employs over 285 experienced professionals worldwide. Annual double-figure revenue growth has become a tradition at YSoft. It’s become their own personal benchmark in growth and nothing less than excellence today is an expectation.  Over 90% of their revenue is generated abroad, and now YSoft has a dedicated team making an impact in the U.S.  YSoft develops and supplies the YSoft SafeQ solution, which empowers large companies and organizations of any size to optimize their printing, copying and scanning needs.

YSoft’s Enterprise Print Management products, including the SafeQ product suite, allow clients to dramatically reduce costs, streamline workflows and increase document security via completely scalable solutions and licensing models.  Combine these product facets with extremely flexible dealer pricing structures, top-notch 24x7x365 service capabilities from YSoft directly, and an indirect-only sales model to create a relationship where your clients enjoy a low-cost, competitively priced, highly-rated product, and you enjoy a healthy recurring revenue stream, making for a great partnership for independent dealers to capitalize on.

Benefits of working with YSoft:

  • YSoft has been very successful in partnering with the leading MFD and MPS providers on a global basis.
  • They are a Xerox Platinum Partner that has been validated through the Xerox Direct Organization, with similar relationships with other OEM vendors such as Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Samsung, Toshiba, and Sharp, just to a name a few.
  • YSoft cost recovery products have a large install base among many of the largest companies in the U.S., and is now extending their focus to SMB; with very competitive modular offerings.
  • Simple and competitive per device licensing, allowing for fast quote responses –  Compliments and expands the value of your current MPS offering.
  • Purchase or subscription agreements available.
  • YSoft has a strong partner focus, with 20 YSoft U.S. employees dedicated to channel support.
  • YSoft manufactures the total solution for hardware and software to create a single point of contact for quality and assurance.

You probably noticed much of their focus up until now has been global in nature.  As a YSoft potential partner, you might ask why you should care if YSoft has offices around the globe. My customer is local and I’m in Omaha, NE, so who cares?  Well, it’s all fun and games until something doesn’t go according to plan.  Customers have high expectations of their dealers relative to response time and support.  With YSoft’s global operations, that support is available at any time, day or night.  Not to mention their sales efforts are aligned with the singular focused of supporting independent office technology dealers.

Every company has a set of core values that drives them.  I’ve had the good fortune to learn firsthand these past months that the YSoft team makes them a part of their culture on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • Be Driven
    • Have the energy to initiate new ideas, take action and drive progress. Always be flexible and adapt to change quickly. Be a self-starter and be able to work independently. Have the confidence to promote your ideas and gain consensus.
  • Be Energetic
    • Use your excitement to energize yourself and others, including colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers. Motivate and challenge others to think outside the box to create new ideas and better solutions.
  • Be Open
    • Be open to all ideas and welcome different points of view of others. Encourage and support collaboration across teams and organizations. Be willing to participate in discussions, even if you initially disagree. Support ideas of others and give credit where credit is due. Provide constructive feedback to co-workers – and always be willing to receive constructive feedback yourself.
  • Be Accountable
    • Strive for quality work at all times. Deliver results that exceed expectations. Use your time wisely and be productive. Proactively challenge yourself and seek new tasks. Look for ways to develop new and better processes, meet higher standards and save costs. Be a team player. Be great at your job and make good things happen.
  • Be Enthusiastic
    • Be passionate about YSoft. Believe that with YSoft you can change the world. Be optimistic and create positive energy wherever you go. Have a “can-do” attitude and seek positive results. Learn from failure so you can succeed next time. Spread the YSoft culture and spirit internally and externally.
  • Be Ethical
    • Deliver results and follow through on all of your promises. Match your behaviors to your words and take responsibility for your actions. Be realistic when setting deadlines — keep in mind that others depend on the timely completion of your tasks. Live up to the trust placed in you by your colleagues, as well as by your partners, customers and suppliers. Above all, never prioritize business over ethics.

I don’t endorse products.  But I will endorse people, business is all about relationships and I am proud to say that I trust the team at YSoft enough that I would recommend to any independent office technology dealer to take a meeting with someone from their team.  I guarantee you this; you won’t end the meeting feeling as though it was a waste of time.  At the very least, you’ll learn about an alternative option out there to possibly add to your portfolio when the time is right.  Hey, and just between us, I’ve already had a few companies leverage this team and their solutions to win some nice deals, so again, take a meeting with them, they won’t disappoint you.  Here are some of the YSoft folks I’ve gotten to know, and hope you will too:

Mark Schneider

National Sales Manager


Pete Onsholm

Regional Sales Manager – West


Clint Russell

Regional Sales Manager – Central


Art Link

Vice President Global Major Accounts



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