Take-aways of Canon Europe’s EXPO 2015 Keynote in Paris

David Stabel
Oct 20, 2015

Last week, Canon Europe opened its doors for EXPO 2015, its quinquennial global event, in Paris, France. The EXPO is a major event for Canon’s partners and customers within the EMEA region. This year’s EXPO  covered over 15,000 square meters of exhibition space. It demonstrated innovations in business areas within consumer imaging products, office equipment, print production, broadcast and communications, medical systems, and security solutions.

Fujio Mitarai, Chairman and CEO of Canon Inc., and Rokus van Iperen, President and CEO of Canon Europe, Middle East, and Africa, opened EXPO 2015 with a keynote speech that shared Canon’s vision on the future of imaging, as well as Canon Europe’s strategy. Here are the key take-aways from this keynote speech.

Fujio Mitarai, Chairman & CEO of Canon Inc.

Rokus van Iperen, President & CEO Canon Europe

Regional Independency and International Collaboration

Mr. Mitarai’s expanded on Canon’s last five-year plan. He spoke about the emergence of strong regional headquarters around the globe, and how these would help bring Canon forward as a global company, while still considering regional requirements.

Canon’s next five-year plan will strengthen regional operations, with each regional headquarter expanding on local R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and service for its own local market; as well as each headquarter leading global activities for Canon. Canon Europe’s strategy will focus on printing and network video surveillance (NVS), while Canon USA will focus on R&D in medical imaging. Products and best practices are shared across regional boundaries to secure international collaboration between the regional headquarters. In addition, Mr. Mitarai also stressed that Canon will focus more on the B2B and B2C areas to drive future growth.

Canon Europe’s Strategic Direction

Mr. van Iperen deepened this vision by discussing two key strategic directions that Canon Europe is exploring. The first direction focusses on specific target markets, enabling Canon to position its imaging products. Additionally, it will focus on value-added solutions and services for the B2B and consumer markets.

  • 3D Printing. Late 2013, Canon Marketing Japan joined 3D Systems‘ network of resellers in Japan. Earlier this year, Canon expanded this agreement to the U.K. and Ireland. At the EXPO, Canon presented its own proprietary 3D printer for customers in manufacturing, architecture, education, and engineering sectors.
  • Graphic Arts. Canon Europe emphasized its commitment to the digital printing industry with the display of their latest technologies that are accelerating the analog to digital transformation, as well as enabling more specialized printing applications.
  • Visual Network Solutions (VNS). With the acquisition of Axis Communications and Milestone Systems, Canon Europe brings together complementary technologies and solutions, which address society’s monitoring needs of today. Canon Europe especially sees these needs within the security, retail, and tourism industries.
  • B2B Services. Canon Europe’s B2B services address the specific needs of customer verticals, such as financial services, insurance, manufacturing, or healthcare. Canon Europe is investing in new ways of working within these verticals and aims to being a preferred partner for enterprises to work with. Canon sees drivers in this segment being customer experience improvement and productivity improvement.
  • Digital Consumer Services. Canon Europe continues to expand its ecosystem of products and digital consumer services, supporting consumers through every stage of their imaging journey. Key initiatives include its photo cloud service, irista, its family-focused application, Lifecake, and its photobook app, hdbook EZ.

InfoTrends Opinion

Canon Europe is clearly focusing on its core expertise of imaging, and is levering this expertise to a wide variety of markets. Strengthening its regional headquarters will give Canon the flexibility and improved time-to-market that is needed in the rapid changing world of imaging. We are looking forward to the next EXPO in five years, and to seeing to what extent Canon’s vision has been realized.

David Stabel
Associate Director, Advisory Service:

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