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Printers Set Finishing Automation as an Important Priority for 2013

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 Jun 6, 2013

A common theme that InfoTrends has been noticing among print service providers, for the past few years, has been centralized around finishing. Specifically the desire for printers to create fully automated end-to-end production workflows. In our annual U.S. Production Software Investment Outlook, we found that 23.5% of respondents have set improving finishing automation as an important priority for the 2013 year. Improving finishing automation is important because of the opportunity available for printers to reduce costs through improving production turnaround times, reducing dependency for manual labor, and removing human errors.

Top 10 Workflow Initiatives for 2013

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Modularity Lessons from BlackBerry-land

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 Apr 13, 2009

In my younger days — when programming Assembly to the 80286 was “wow” — I would optimize and debug code written by my Basic/C colleagues. Nothing was too low on the stack. Even i/o interrupts for your peripherals (at the time, just your keyboard) could be changed. Of course, anyone that’s had Assembly coding experience knows how dangerous messing around at the OS-level can be. And that’s what made real computer viruses, like Michelangelo and Jerusalem, so much more dangerous than the “I love you” e-mail variety seen today (IMO).

I’ve been lurking on a few BlackBerry forums recently, including and Specifically, I’ve been following the Beta OS message board for Research in Motion’s Blackberry Storm, where some very astute participants are creating and testing the latest and greatest. In fact, in the past 2 weeks I have updated FOUR times and am currently running v.114 Hybrid V3. I was shocked at how fast new versions were appearing on the site and at how quickly new “Hybrids” based on the v.114 beta were appearing. Read more »

Making Laws with XML? Not this time…

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 Feb 13, 2009

In 2006, I had the pleasure of working with several InfoTrends analysts, industry vendors, and technology users on some intriguing research entitled Multi-Channel Communications: The Content Publishing Workflow Challenge. As part of that document, we put together a solid case study on the California Legislative Bureau’s investments in XML technology for drafting bills.

The drivers for the solution were compelling — the creation of state law represents one of the most component-oriented content and collaboration-centric processes I’ve examined. Hundreds of senators and representatives may be involved from remote locations; sections of text require on-going additions and refinement up to the minute the law is passed; and the final document must be secured, archived, searchable, and widely available to participants and outsiders ASAP. XML document solutions were perfect for the purpose, and I highly recommend you check out this piece.

Fast-forward to the present day and the much-awaited/maligned stimulus bill proceeding through Congress. I awoke this morning to find this stimulus bill rendition, which the NYTimes accurately describes as “filled with hand-written copy-editing marks, insertions scrawled in the margins, deletions of whole paragraphs boxed with X’s slashing through them,and a variety of curious hash marks and other annotations.” Read more »

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