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Digital Signage Continues to Evolve in Japan

 Jun 18, 2013

The most recent Digital Signage Japan event took place from June 12-14 in Makuhari Messe, Japan. The show attracted 85 exhibitors and approximately 130,000 visitors.

This year’s trends included low cost, compact size, energy efficiency, simple content creation, easy updating, interactive functionality, and mobility. One interesting example of interactive functionality at the show involved signage with an embedded camera, a motion sensor, and Kinect. When these signs detected a human approaching, they would display the most appropriate digital signage. Furthermore, using the non-contact IC card that is built in to some mobile phones or smartphones, or leveraging a QR code/2-dimension bar code to access and display augmented reality contents on a portal site, some of these displays were even able to connect to social networking sites and update in real-time.

In the Intel corner of Microsoft’s booth, there was a demonstration that enabled visitors to have conversations with cartoon characters. The characters were able to react to human activity and language using image recognition, voice recognition, and speech synthesis technology. This system has been adopted by a cartoon store in the Akihabara district of Tokyo.

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