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The Inkjet Revival

Deborah Hawkins
 Apr 20, 2015

Placements of inkjet printing devices for consumer and office use were positive in Western Europe in 2014. After years of downward spiraling, the 3.5% YOY growth in 2014 to 14.6 million devices provide a welcome break for the industry players. At a country level, the highest placements increase by country was in the Netherlands with 21% YOY increase. The UK, traditionally a strong country for inkjet technology, also experienced strong growth of 11.6% YOY likely linked to a stable economic situation. In addition, there have been significant developments in inkjet technology, particularly around page-wide technology in recent years that have aided this upward turn. Read more »

Photo Boom Time: Challenges and Opportunities

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 May 15, 2013

Yesterday Nokia launched the Lumia 925 at a high profile event in London. The Lumia 925 joins a long line of venerable smartphones. The Lumia 925 features an 8.7MP camera and a 6 element lens. With this phone Nokia attempts to cement its position as the imaging leader in the smartphone market. Smartphones are mini computers that can be carried around at any time. Small, light and in most cases with cameras that are good enough for taking both every day and occasional special occasion photos. These are also the reasons why smartphones are taking the place of digital cameras as the camera used most often by consumers. InfoTrends’ European end user data clearly illustrates this trend. Read more »

Placements of Western European Office Devices Continue to Suffer

Deborah Hawkins
 Apr 9, 2013

The Western European1 office equipment market continued to contract in 2012, driven by a weak economy, device consolidation through managed print services and new competition from business inkjet . Placements of single function and multifunction laser printers in office environments (1-69 ppm) declined 8.1% year over year whilst placements of business inkjet devices increased 3.3%. The majority of the decline in laser devices was in single function printers, where placements dropped 16% year over year. The market continues to shift from single function to multifunction devices, and from monochrome to colour engines.

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Smartphones are convenient and connected. Where does that leave digital cameras?

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 Jul 31, 2012

The digital camera market in EMEA peaked back in 2007 and the market is now in decline. This is caused by high household penetration of digital cameras combined with a slowing economy. The smartphone market on the other hand is seeing spectacular growth which is showing no signs of slowing. This is driven by an increase in the number of smartphone models that are available, less expensive data plans and frequent replacements driven by data plans which typically last no more than 24 months.

At the same time InfoTrends research is showing that smartphones are rapidly moving up on the list of cameras that are used most often. Read more »

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee shows smartphones catching up to digital cameras

Ed Lee
 Jun 7, 2012

After the 2011 Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton we proclaimed that the compact digital camera was the most popular picture taking device in our unscientific review of a gigapixel photo of the wedding procession. This year, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration, held from June 2-5, gave us an opportunity to revisit the conflict between digital cameras and smartphones. Once again we reviewed a gigapixel image from the event to visually determine what types of cameras people used to photograph this event. VR Web Design produced the gigapixel image of the Queen’s visit to Leicester De Montfort University. (Click on the Link to view the actual photo.)

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The Difficulties of Choosing a Name – and the consequence of having more than one

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 May 29, 2012

Anyone who has become a parent will know that choosing a name can be difficult. Having many different names can create confusion and I am sure that most people would prefer to be known by one name and perhaps a nickname. Now imagine if you had at least 7 different names. That is the case for what InfoTrends calls compact interchangeable lens cameras (CILC).  Since the first compact interchangeable lens cameras were announced by Panasonic and Olympus in 2008 under the Micro Four Thirds name, they have acquired a number of new names including:

  • Mirrorless DSL
  • Mirrorless hybrid
  • DSL Micro
  • Compact interchangeable  lens camera
  • Compact system camera
  • Non-Reflex
  • Advanced Camera Interchangeable Lens

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Photo Merchandising – Target Existing Customers as well as New Ones to Grow Business

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 Oct 11, 2011

InfoTrends research shows that even though awareness of photo merchandise is high, less than half of Western European digital camera owners have purchased photo merchandise items in the past year. Nevertheless adoption rates are increasing year-over-year. Read more »

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