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Attendance at IPEX

Jim Hamilton
 May 25, 2010

There is no question that IPEX attendance was hurt by the travel problems associated with the Icelandic volcano. The real question is “How many people chose not to come because of it?” 5%? 10%? 25%? We’ll never know, but it definitely had a significant impact. Many people were delayed and many cancelled their trips entirely. And yet, it could have been much, much worse. The travel blackouts only lasted for a relatively small block of time. If it had been for three or four days the impact would have been devastating. With economic concerns still looming, particularly in the European Union with the Greek crisis, the last thing a trade show of the scale of IPEX needed was travel disruption brought on by an act of God. It makes exhibitors even more nervous than they already are about the money they invest in trade shows.

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Five Themes at IPEX

Jim Hamilton
 May 20, 2010

Three days into IPEX 2010, I see some themes emerging from the show:

  • IPEX theme #1: Things that are out of our control — After having had a minor travel disruption involving planes, buses, and trains on the way to Birmingham, I have to admit that when it comes down to a battle between me and the volcanoes, the volcanoes win. I feel the same way about the impact of the economic downturn. We all have to acknowledge that there are some big, global trends that will continue to impact everyone whether we like it or not. I put the move toward mobile technology and social media in the same category. This will happen even if we personally do not desire an iPad of our own.


Welcome to IPEX

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Three Cut-Sheet Digital Printing Announcements Spark the Opening of ON DEMAND 2010

Jim Hamilton
 Apr 20, 2010

Lurking in the background as ON DEMAND 2010 opens are some very big questions about the economy, what the new combined Canon/Océ will look like, and whether any European visitors will make it to the show because of the volcano ash, but there is also some very big cut-sheet digital printing product news. Three new cut-sheet digital printing announcements are sure to be highlights of this year’s show: Read more »

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