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How Much Is “Free” Worth? $19.99

Jim Hamilton
 Jan 7, 2013

The e-card below (sender’s name obscured to protect the guilty party) got me thinking about what people are willing to part with in exchange for their private information, their buying intent, or an advertisement on a message sent to a friend.


I have a problem with e-cards in general, but adding an advertisement to a personal message couldn’t be more impersonal. I mean, just look at it. I like Snorg Tees, but come on, who wants their holiday greeting to come with an advertisement?

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Vistaprint Has Become the Target of Spam E-Mailers

Jim Hamilton
 Aug 27, 2010

You know that your brand has reached new heights when it is considered a worthy target of spam e-mailers. I noticed this week that spam e-mails began arriving with titles like: “Your Vistaprint Order Is Confirmed” and “Vistaprint Canadian Tax Invoice (3052045662).” Facebook and FedEx are typical spam e-mails targets, but their brands are more highly visible than Vistaprint’s. If I were Vistaprint, I’d have mixed emotions. While I would be flattered that my brand had achieved the critical mass necessary to be relevant to spammers, I’d worry about the potential damage to my customers who click on a bogus link. There is also the concern that people would begin to associate the Vistaprint brand with spam. That’s a “good news, bad news” scenario: increased brand visibility in a less than desirable location. Soon enough Vistaprint will find out if the saying “no press is bad press” holds true for them.

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