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Video Services Offer Opportunities for Professional Photographers

Ed Lee
 Feb 2, 2018

Pro photographers are always looking for ways to grow their businesses. Those who offer video services to their clients are able to add on fees and tap into new revenue sources. InfoTrends believes that offering video services is something more pros should explore. It used to be that shooting videos required a dedicated video camera, but it is quite easy now for pros to record video using interchangeable lens cameras (DSLR or mirrorless) since virtually all new models include video recording as a feature.

In InfoTrends’ Professional Photography and Videography studies, we have discovered a number of things about pro photographers and their relationship with video through the years. In 2010, only 16% of pros said that they offered to shoot video for clients. In subsequent studies, we saw this rate grow steadily, but it has leveled off to around 28% over the last few years. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see that about 16% of pros who do not currently offer video services are planning to add them in the next 12 months. Read more »

FAA Drone Registration Process Begins

Ed Lee
 Dec 23, 2015

FAAYou get a drone for Christmas and you want to fly it outdoors right away. Stop!

Before you do, you need to register with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or face the threat of severe penalties. Effective December 21, anyone who owns a small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS), also known as a drone, must register with the FAA before they can fly it outdoors. Those who do not register could face civil and criminal penalties. This is all being mandated under the guise of public safety. Registration is free for the first 30 days through a rebate, then $5 after that. Registration is valid for three years. To learn more about the registration process, go to the FAA sUAS registration site. According to the FAA, it expects over 800,000 drones to be sold during this holiday season. Let’s hope the website can handle the impending volume.

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Consumer Video Behaviors Evolving

Other Posts
 Nov 27, 2012

At one stage, camcorders were the only device capable of capturing videos. Today, chances are that even if a person does not own a camcorder they are likely to already own a device with video capability, whether it’s a digital camera or smartphone.

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Which Device is Used Most Often for Video Capture? (Hint: It’s Not a Camcorder or a Digital Camera!)

Eve Padula
 Dec 5, 2011

Over the past few years, the videography market has seen numerous shifts and technological developments. Apart from traditional camcorders, most of today’s digital cameras, smartphones, camera phones, and even tablets now offer the ability to capture video clips. In October 2011, InfoTrends conducted a Web-based questionnaire in the United States to foster a better understanding of today’s videography market. This year’s 2011 Videography End-User Study followed up on earlier research conducted in 2008 and 2010.

Although camcorders are the traditional video capture devices, 2011 marked the first year that the greatest percentage of survey participants described their primary videography device as a mobile phone. During our 2010 study, respondents most commonly cited a digital camera or camcorder as their primary videography device. In 2011, however, camera phones and smartphones moved from last place to first place. This year, nearly 40% of respondents reported that their mobile phone was their primary video capture device. Meanwhile, digital camcorders experienced the sharpest year-over-year decline.

Figure 1: What type of device do you use MOST OFTEN to shoot videos? (2010 vs. 2011)

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