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Pricing for Digital: Establishing Consistency Across Message and Media

Will Morgan
 Dec 7, 2018

As digital delivery proliferates within the customer communications market, service providers with a legacy in print have been challenged to devise pricing models that position their operations for long-term sustainability. As part of its recently published research study entitled, Pricing for Digital: Exploring New Models for Transactional Communications Delivery, Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends conducted over a dozen in-depth interviews with print service providers in North America to gain a deeper understanding of the greatest pricing obstacles they face in today’s changing market.

The first segment of this three-part examination of our findings examined the ramifications of procurement’s growing power over transactional customer communications strategy at the expense of business leadership. The second considered some of the difficulties print providers face when working to demonstrate value through services. This final installment explores the challenges that providers face in developing and marketing pricing plans that encompass composition and delivery of transactional and marketing messages to various print and electronic channels.

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Growth Applications for Production Digital Print

Ralf Schlozer
 Aug 29, 2013

Print is driven by applications and production digital printing is no exception. Demand for certain applications, however, changes over time due to various reasons, such as growth in usage, electronic replacement, personalization, and the move to shorter runs. The change in demand will have a profound impact on production digital printing in competition with other processes as well as between different digital product groups. InfoTrends just published its 2012-2017 production digital print application forecast for the U.S. and Western Europe. It details application volumes and volume growth for 28 print applications in seven main application groups for the main categories of production digital printing devices.

Main Production Digital Printing Applications and Application Groups

The application forecast draws from many sources. InfoTrends’ consulting staff conducts ongoing primary and secondary research in the marketplace to determine the print volume share of the applications and volume trends. The underlying print volume forecast is based on published forecasts, which provide market size in terms of installed base, average monthly print volume, retail value of print, and other factors.

As an example, here is a view of some of the top production digital print applications in Western Europe (by absolute page growth).

10 Fastest Growing Applications in Production Digital Print in Western Europe 2012 to 2017

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A/B ctrl P

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 May 15, 2012

How print can learn a trick from online to improve its relevance.

In the latest issue of Wired was an insightful article on A/B testing. In short A/B testing is a process that allows you to  run two variants of a web-page and use analytics to discover which one gets the best response. The differences can be graphical, such as the use and position of pictures and text; typographical such as font, font size and colour or textual, tweaking the wording used. For more in-depth the original feature is here: The A/B Test: Inside the Technology That’s Changing the Rules of Business.

While the Wired piece was primarily about the use of A/B testing for websites, there must be print applications where it could be an equally powerful tool. Of course, not any printing would do. It has to be digital printing to enable the rapid production of two different variants to be tested. Then there is measurability, which necessitates the use of PURLS, QR Codes or similar to enable tracking consumer interaction. Read more »

Pitney Bowes – Global Customer Summit

Jeff Hayes
 Jun 13, 2011

Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies Group (DMT) held their annual customer event with over 250 of the largest corporate mailers and data center service bureaus from 23 countries. The event also included 34 DMT business partners including HP, Riso, Domino, Impika, VideoJet, Hunkeler, LaserMax Roll Systems, Georgia-Pacific, and International Paper. Key themes included:

White Paper Factory and TransPromo

Dr. Ramesh Ratan opened the summit and articulated PB’s vision for transaction printing. “Everything is digital. Everything is variable.”

Dr. Ramesh Ratan

What does this bring?

  • Reduced costs – eliminating all pre-printed forms, envelopes and inserts
  • Improved customer service – using color to enhance interpretation of the statement and improving customer service
  • Increased revenue – using marketing messages and graphics to drive revenue and sell white space to third-party advertisers who want to reach your audience

PB showed their IntelliJet system and Print+Messenger inserter/envelope printer running TransPromo applications. The demos are very impressive, but the product is limited to a relatively small portion of the market and can have a long sales cycle. PB mentioned they recently installed 3 IntelliJet systems with a customer who replaced 18 high-speed cut sheet printers.


Volly is one of PB’s biggest initiatives. The company is preparing to roll out their digital mailbox service and ramp up their marketing efforts later this year. Bernie Gracy, VP Business Development and Chief Technology Officer, talked extensively about the research PB has done to develop Volly and guide their marketing plan.

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Pitney Bowes Customer Summit

Jeff Hayes
 Sep 15, 2010

Pitney Bowes’ Document Messaging Technologies group held their 2010 Customer Summit this week in Danbury, Connecticut. The event was attended by approximately 180 people from 12 countries including many of the largest corporate mail centers, data center service bureaus, and direct mail printers. Two of the most significant items were:

  • White Paper Factory demo of the HP IntelliJet press and the new PB Print+Messenger system
  • Announcement of PB’s TransPromo marketplace service which may finally help realize the potential of using bills and statements as a viable marketing channel

Enabling the White Paper Factory

Pitney Bowes pointed out that transaction print and mail are often co-located, but uncoupled manufacturing functions supporting legacy systems applications. PB’s focus is to link print AND mail operations into an integrated workflow that enables significant productivity improvements and new revenue streams. PB is pushing the idea of a White Paper Factory that does not require any pre-printing or storage of shells, forms, or envelopes by using the IntelliJet printer and Print+Messenger system.

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Implications of the CARD Act for TransPromo

Matt Swain
 Feb 22, 2010

Today, the major provisions of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act (the CARD Act) takes effect in the United States. The ultimate goal of this law is transparency and clarity in terms and conditions. The likely result will be sweeping changes to how credit card issuers approach their marketing, advertising, and billing. What does this all mean for TransPromo? One long-standing hurdle to the implementation of TransPromo is the headache of document (and data) redesign. Credit card issuers were given a government-mandated opportunity to open up that data and begin a redesign process–however basic it may end up being. That said, multiple vendors and service providers have leapt at the opportunity. The general feeling from many of the companies these vendors are working with is that if they are going through a redesign anyway, what else can they do?

Some of this activity was already put into motion while ramping up for the Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z), which took full effect on October 1, 2009. Similar to the CARD Act, the relevant portion of this law related to content and formatting changes that credit card billers needed to put in place. has an interesting timeline that shows when various credit card legislation takes effect. Our expectation is that 2010 will reveal significant headway made for TransPromo in the credit card industry in the United States.

The European TransPromo Summit – A Success!

Matt Swain
 Oct 15, 2009

Last week, Brussels served as a meeting ground for the first European TransPromo Summit – hosted by InfoTrends and the 4IT Group.

Now that I have had a chance to reflect on the conference and speak with several event sponsors, it is clear that the event was a success! This view can be supported by the strength of the speakers, their content, and the positive feedback from sponsors — not to mention that the event was sold out! In a difficult economy, this is a testament to a topic that is top of mind for marketers, billers, and print service providers alike.

The sponsors tables provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to meet the key players in the European TransPromo market. We had knowledgeable staff from the hardware and software vendors as well as the document outsourcing providers eager to help attendees be successful with TransPromo.

To make TransPromo a reality, it takes integration on multiple levels. In order to bring meaningful content for both groups, the conference sessions were split into two tracks — marketing and technology. Both sessions were well-attended, speaking to the diversity of the attendees.

Coming out of Brussels at the end of a two day content-rich event, it is clear that there is a need for another European TransPromo Summit next year. While Brussels worked well, we will consider moving it to a new European location that might help reach other audiences. There is plenty more to learn about the TransPromo market and there are a number of people that we still need to reach — most notably the billers — the people who send the bills and statements to their customers. We look forward to seeing you (and them) at next year’s European TransPromo Summit!

Get on the DAM Boat!

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 Jun 3, 2009

Bryan Yeager and I spent Monday of this week at the Henry Stewart DAM Symposium in NYC. For those unfamiliar with the space, digital asset management (DAM) technologies are used to manage multimedia assets such as images, digital photos, audio, video, 3D renderings, and Flash-like animation. We’ll be posting video InfoCasts with vendors from the event this and next week as well as a more detailed analysis for clients.

Why should you care about DAM?

InfoTrends research in 2006 indicated that over 25% of ALL business content is in multimedia form, excluding presentation formats that often embed this media. Read more »

“TransPromo” Instills Fear

Matt Swain
 Sep 30, 2008

“TransPromo” has recently become a hot topic. I spend much of my day using the word, yet I sometimes wish that I had a better descriptor to define the application.

The word “TransPromo” instills fear in many corporate executives. Whether they are in retail, financial, healthcare, or insurance – it is a leap for these executives to consider compromising the integrity of their transactional documents with promotional material. They quickly jump to the thought of clutter and poorly designed third party advertising ruining the relationship that they worked so hard to build. Frankly, it would scare me too – if that was the thought that “TransPromo” triggered. It is not.

TransPromo leverages any opt-in relationship (statements, bills, notifications, reminder cards) by providing messaging printed (placed) directly on the piece. Messaging is the key term, because it does not have to be promotional. The messaging can be promotional, but it also can be informational or educational. (*Statement messaging is used in small circles, but never caught on.)

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