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Canon’s Fourth Five-Year Plan

Jim Hamilton
 Jun 19, 2012

Last week I was among a group of ten American industry analysts and trade magazine editors that Canon flew to its Tokyo headquarters and also to a manufacturing facility near Shanghai. Though we were briefed on some new product developments under non-disclosure the main purpose of the trip was to give this group of industry influencers a better understanding of Canon’s market strategy. A good place to start is with Canon’s five-year plan.

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Declining Popularity of QR Codes in Japan

Matt Swain
 Jul 22, 2011

When I was in Japan last year, it seemed to be relatively easy to encounter QR codes. My colleague, Jim Hamilton, posted a blog last week entitled “Tokyo 2011 Observations,” which included a discussion about a virtual disappearance of QR codes. Since I was in Tokyo this week, I decided to further investigate his observation. Here is what I found:

  • Upon arrival, I casually reviewed posters, banners, and other marketing material in the airport and I did not see any QR codes
  • There was a QR code on the Internet access instruction pamphlet in the seat pockets of the express train from the airport to Tokyo
  • There was a QR code on the outside of one of the city buses outside of Tokyo station, but not on any of the other 7-10 buses we walked past
  • One booklet on the brochure rack at our hotel had a QR code on the cover, with no other codes readily apparent inside of the other brochures
  • A temporary aquarium erected at the Sony Building in Tokyo had a prominently placed sign with QR codes linking to My Sony Club
  • Toyota Megaweb (their self-proclaimed car theme park) had a QR code on a poster at the entrance linking to their website
  • I did not see any menus at restaurants with QR codes on them, whereas last year these were easy to findÂ
  • Upon returning to the airport, I saw the pillars at the train station had the same wrap as last year with a large QR code linking to the train’s homepage

Altogether, I saw no more than 25 unique QR codes in three days when I was actively searching for them. In fact, marketers appeared to be leveraging the suggestion of mobile search to initiate their cross-media initiatives much more frequently. Read more »

Tokyo 2011 Observations

Jim Hamilton
 Jul 14, 2011

I’ve spoken at InfoTrends’ On Demand Japan conference for many years now. My annual visit to Tokyo is a high point of the year because it gives me a chance to visit face-to-face with our Japanese clients and to catch up with InfoTrends employees here. Since I was here last July, of course, Japan has suffered a tremendous natural disaster followed by a nuclear plant accident with long-lasting implications. It’s only been four months since the earthquake and as I arrived I wondered what changes I would see in Tokyo since my last visit.

Here are a few observations:

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Océ Announces the ColorStream 3500

Jim Hamilton
 Nov 15, 2010

Last week at the Canon Expo in Tokyo Océ added a new inkjet product to its production color continuous feed offerings. Called the ColorStream 3500, the new device runs at 75 meters per minute and is capable of 537 A4 images per minute in a simplex configuration and 1,010 in duplex. As with Océ’s JetStream products, the device uses Kyocera drop-on-demand inkjet heads. The ColorStream 3500 is available in simplex or duplex configurations from one to six colors, and is field upgradeable. The device uses water-based inks (either dye or pigment). An Océ technology called InkSafe uses RFID to assure that the right ink is loaded in the right place. “Type 1” finishing connectivity allows direct integration with third-party finishing systems.

ColorStream 3500 at Canon Expo Tokyo

ColorStream 3500 at Canon Expo Tokyo

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TKS to Unveil JetLeader Production Color Inkjet Newspaper System

Jim Hamilton
 Nov 10, 2009

At the JANPS newspaper production show in Tokyo later this month a web offset press manufacturer called TKS (Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho) will be unveiling a production color inkjet newspaper system called JetLeader. It is a roll-fed device that prints at speeds of 150 meters per minute (492 feet per minute) and has a maximum print width of 541 millimeters (21.3 inches) on a maximum roll width of 546 millimeters (21.5 inches). It uses piezo drop-on-demand inkjet heads and aqueous pigment inks. TKS says it can print on groundwood newsprint at weights of 60 gsm or higher. The configuration that will be shown at JANPS will be process color on one side of the web and monochrome on the other (4/1) and will include a sheeter and accumulator. TKS says that a 4/4 configuration will be available upon launch at the end of this month. Pricing has not been released. In addition to the standalone JetLeader newspaper system, TKS will also demonstrate a hybrid offset/inkjet offering at JANPS. Read more »

A Production Color Inkjet Report from JGAS

Jim Hamilton
 Oct 19, 2009

InfoTrends Tokyo-based senior analyst Masato Atoda has forwarded me some of his impressions of the Japanese graphic arts trade show JGAS (Tokyo, October 6-10). A couple of items stand out in regard to high-speed color inkjet developments:

  • Miyakoshi showed a new continuous-feed color inkjet printer called the MJP20F that runs at 200 meter-per-minute (approximately 650 feet per minute) at 600 by 600 dot-per-inch resolution. In a duplex 4/4 configuration with a 541 millimeter (about 21.3 inches) maximum print width the price is about 300 million yen (approximately $3.3 million). It is available now worldwide.
  • FujiFilm showed the sheet-fed, B2-format JetPress 720 that it had demonstrated at drupa 2008. It did not hand out print samples, but it does appear that print quality has improved since drupa. FujiFilm reported that the JetPress 720 will ship in the spring of 2010.
  • Screen showed the TruePress Jet SX that it demonstrated at drupa 2008. The device now has duplex print capability, which Screen says will be a standard feature. Screen did not distribute print samples, but it appears that the quality has improved since drupa. Screen said that beta testing will begin this year and first customer shipments will begin in the spring or summer of 2010.

This week InfoTrends will be publishing an analysis for its consulting service clients that will include more on the production digital color developments from JGAS.

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