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Fast Company at Xerox Focus Forward

Jim Hamilton
 Jun 26, 2013

Bill Taylor, co-founder of Fast Company magazine, knows a lot about innovative companies and how they operate. Here are a few of my favorite Bill Taylor lines:

  • The only sustainable form of business leadership is thought leadership
  • It’s not good enough to be pretty good at everything. The middle of the road is the road to nowhere.
  • Originality is the acid test of your strategy

Bill’s one-liners fit the definition of an aphorism rather nicely. (An aphorism is ‘a brief statement of a principle.’) And though I like a good aphorism, I like Bill’s view on innovative companies even more. Like the dialysis provider, DaVita, that let its employees vote on the new company name. (DaVita used to be called Total Renal Care.) Or Lexus, which built a brand new luxury brand to compete with the Cadillacs and BMWs of the world. Or Cirque du Soleil, which reinvented what a circus could be (without animals or big name acts).

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Thought Leadership and Books

Jim Hamilton
 Jun 1, 2010

On a regular basis Xerox invites customers and prospects to the Gil Hatch Center for Customer Innovation in Webster, New York to explore a given topic. They call these events Thought Leadership Workshops and there are usually about thirty to fifty attendees who in addition to getting the opportunity to hear speakers talk about the market, also benefit from seeing Xerox technologies first hand. Another benefit is that each of these attendees brings an added dimension of market experience to the workshop that they share with the group in interactions over the course of the event. I believe that these interactions are key aspect of the overall experience.

So I was delighted to be invited by Xerox to speak at a Thought Leadership Workshop on “The Changing Book Publishing Model” that took place recently. My job was to provide an update on current trends in digital printing at an evening event at Artisan Works, a remarkable non-profit Rochester institution that provides studio space and supports artists through a range of community activities while also providing one of the most unique venues for corporate entertainment that I have ever seen. In my talk I spent 45 minutes going over recent technology developments, providing some baseline definitions, tracking the history of digital book printing, and looking at some examples of how books are becoming more interactive.

Event at Artisan Works, Courtesy of Xerox Corporation

Event at Artisan Works, Photo courtesy of Xerox Corporation

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