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Which Device is Used Most Often for Video Capture? (Hint: It’s Not a Camcorder or a Digital Camera!)

Eve Padula
 Dec 5, 2011

Over the past few years, the videography market has seen numerous shifts and technological developments. Apart from traditional camcorders, most of today’s digital cameras, smartphones, camera phones, and even tablets now offer the ability to capture video clips. In October 2011, InfoTrends conducted a Web-based questionnaire in the United States to foster a better understanding of today’s videography market. This year’s 2011 Videography End-User Study followed up on earlier research conducted in 2008 and 2010.

Although camcorders are the traditional video capture devices, 2011 marked the first year that the greatest percentage of survey participants described their primary videography device as a mobile phone. During our 2010 study, respondents most commonly cited a digital camera or camcorder as their primary videography device. In 2011, however, camera phones and smartphones moved from last place to first place. This year, nearly 40% of respondents reported that their mobile phone was their primary video capture device. Meanwhile, digital camcorders experienced the sharpest year-over-year decline.

Figure 1: What type of device do you use MOST OFTEN to shoot videos? (2010 vs. 2011)

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Everyone Knows the iPad is Dominating: Here Are Some Other Facts about Tablets!

Eve Padula
 Oct 12, 2011

Microsoft popularized the concept of a “tablet personal computer” at the beginning of the 21st Century, but nearly a decade would pass before the idea of a consumer tablet became widespread. In early 2010, the mobile market changed forever when Apple introduced its iPad tablet, which weighed less than 2 pounds and featured an intuitive touch screen interface. The iPad met with instant success, and a barrage of competitive products quickly followed suit–at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) back in January, over 80 new tablets from other vendors were announced.

Despite the availability of competing products, it almost goes without saying that Apple’s iPad is dominating the market. According to InfoTrends’ research, about 80% of tablet owners have Apple iPads, while nearly 36% have tablets from other vendors. (These percentages add up to more than 100% because some households own multiple tablets.) Read more »

Amazon Lights the Kindle Fire

Alan Bullock
 Sep 29, 2011

The tablet market got a little more crowded this week. What remains to be seen is whether the top 80% or the bottom 20% feels the squeeze, or if maybe the whole pie gets bigger to make room for a new player. Amazon’s entry had been widely anticipated and predicted to be a potential “iPad killer”. The announcement of the Amazon Kindle Fire, a 7-inch Android device with an aggressive $199 price point, made headlines on Wednesday, but measuring it against the iPad may be comparing apples to, um, Apples. Read more »

Summer is almost here and it’s time to read some new books. Will you be dusting off your e-reader or tablet?

Norman McLeod
 Jun 7, 2011

Almost one year ago, Amazon announced that sales of books for the Kindle had for the first time outnumbered sales of hardcover books. Just last month, Amazon stated that the Kindle was outselling hardcover and paperback combined.

With the recent releases of dedicated e-readers and tablet computers, there has been a surge in electronic media for consumer consumption. Many companies offer magazines, newspapers, books, and other materials that were once only available in hardcopy in a digital format. This explosion in digital media has caused e-readers and tablets to become major consumer products.

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Adobe Releases Creative Suite 5.5

Other Posts
 Apr 11, 2011

Only a year after the release of Creative Suite 5, Adobe has announced a mid-cycle update dubbed Creative Suite 5.5, and there are a few key highlights worth noting.

Addressing the rapid adoption of tablet devices and smartphones, support has been added across a number of Creative Suite applications for designers incorporating these mediums in their design repertoire. Read more »

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