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Need for Earth Day, Sustainability Persists in Pandemic

Christine Dunne Dunne
 Apr 22, 2020

Business Closures, Recycling Delays Among Current Challenges

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With the coronavirus crisis in full swing, the topic of sustainability may be a bit (or, let’s admit, a lot) less top of mind for organizations. That said, it is Earth Day, and the need to preserve our planet doesn’t just disappear with a health disaster.

Prior to the COVID-19 situation, companies were most preoccupied with recycling materials like paper and cartridges—especially in Western Europe, where regulations like the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive mandate the recycling of materials.

Which Sustainability Priorities Have You Set for the Coming Year?

Source: Keypoint Intelligence’s IT Decision Makers Survey 2019
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Nintendo Labo Shows Potential for New Sustainable Corrugated Cardboard Applications

Colin McMahon
 Oct 25, 2018

Consumer electronics specialist Nintendo has been enjoying positive growth. Its newest video game console, the Nintendo Switch, is proving quite popular among consumers who are seeking an innovative gaming experience at home and on the go. With its numbers back in the green, the Japanese video game manufacturer has returned to doing what it does best—taking creative risks. One of its most recent products, Nintendo Labo, exemplifies the company’s desire to push the envelope.

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Why North America is Embracing Digital Wide Format Printing

Colin McMahon
 Oct 15, 2018

The digital revolution is impacting every industry, and this includes wide format printing. Advancements in digital wide format technology have created the potential for new offerings. This is important news for a wide variety of businesses, including marketing firms as well as sign, graphics, and visual communication companies. In our recent analysis, Embracing Digital Wide Format Printing, Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends explores how signage companies can leverage these innovations and highlights the benefits of making the switch.

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Screen-savvy teens actually prefer paper

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 Nov 10, 2011

As the chill of winter started to bite this week, it was delightful to receive news to warm the cockles of anyone in the print industry. According to consumer research carried out on behalf of print advocacy groups Print Power and Two Sides, print is preferred as a medium for reading from by the majority of those surveyed. Read more »

Go Green: Buy a Coke! – Lessons for Wide Format Printers

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 Jul 1, 2011

“Going Green” took on a whole new meaning last week when Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) unveiled a new billboard designed to absorb air pollution. The billboard, located in Philippines, is covered in 3,600 Fukien tea plants which are said to absorb up to 13 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. In fact, the entire billboard is environmentally friendly. The plants are housed in pots made from old coke bottles, the potting mixture is made from industrial byproducts and organic fertilizers, and a drip irrigation system saves on water and fertilizer. “This billboard helps alleviate air pollution within its proximate areas as it can absorb a total of 46,800 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, on estimate,” says botanist Anthony Gao. Read more »

What’s your Emission Factor (EF)?

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 Apr 6, 2009

Office equipment in Delaware creates 400 times as much carbon output as it does in Vermont. In Canada, a single kilowatt creates 155 times more CO2 in Alberta than in Quebec, where power is primarily driven by nuclear plants. Calculating carbon output is clearly more complicated than Energy Star ratings.

With increasing attention being paid to the “green” office in Europe, Canada, and the U.S., businesses are paying more attention to their carbon footprints and demanding that vendors help them understand these metrics. Of course, carbon output is only one factor in environmental sustainability, albeit a prominent one in the minds of today’s politicians, businesspeople, and consumers.

Carbon dioxide emission factors (EFs) provide a localized translation from energy usage, often in kilowatt-hours (kWh), to equivalent pounds of carbon output (lbs CO2).For energy-consuming office equipment devices, the proper EF represents the indirect public electricity EF. Simple multiplication can provide an understanding of a device’s average carbon output relative to similar products:

Average energy usage (kWh) * EF (lbs CO2/kWh) = Carbon Output (lbs CO2)

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Do you have a “green” logo?

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 Nov 17, 2008

I was watching football on NBC last night and noticed the green peacock at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Since we’ve had a few inquiries in the past few months on the ‘green’ topic, I thought I’d do a quick image search for other green corporate logos. I don’t know that all of these are intended to be “eco” logos,  of course… green might just be a soothing new color that McDonalds is trying out versus that aggressive red/yellow contrast of the past. In any case, the connection between ‘green’ and ‘nature’ (or money?) could still be the culprit for these experimentations…Do you have a logo to add?

Watch out for a detailed analysis on ‘green’ in the next month… we’re going to talk about influencers, regulations, what others are doing, and what they could and should be doing.

InfoTrends’ Office Document Strategy (ODS) Conference

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 Nov 11, 2008

Several InfoTrends directors and analysts will be at this year’s Office Document Strategy conference, which is being held this week (Wednesday and Thursday!) at the Sheraton Mahwah in Mahwah, NJ. We’ve got a poignant selection of speakers and sessions lined up to address issues ranging from document solutions and managed print services to SharePoint and environmental sustainability. Of course, InfoTrends will also be presenting its most recent research and market analysis as well as answering any questions you may have. Those of you that will be local should definitely consider registering and coming by! For those that absolutely can’t make make it, don’t fret — I’ll be posting from the show daily, so keep your newsreaders locked on the InfoBlog.

Ricoh Vision 2008

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 Oct 22, 2008

The Ricoh Vision 2008 show was held last week at the Omni Championsgate Resort in Orlando, FL, and a few of us were in attendance. The theme of the show, “Leading the REVolution,” emphasized the Real Enhanced Value (get it?) that Ricoh and its dealers are poised to provide.

Ricoh executives were on-hand to speak with dealers and analysts, provide insight into the current state and future of the organization, as well as (broadly) comment on possible implications and scenarios following the IKON deal. We were also privy to a full analyst briefing, tech expo, and dealer seminars on environmental sustainability, production print, and REV solutions. (Clients – watch for our full analysis next week!)

For me, the highlight of the event was a toss up between guest speaker Pat Riley, Chris Bliss’s amazing juggling to The Beatles, and Kirk Yoshida’s “I’m Back” general session.  I guess the Florida weather in October wasn’t too bad either.od.

PS Did you know Ricoh sponsors the sustainable development award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair?

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