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A White Paper Storm

Jim Hamilton
 May 22, 2012

In the days leading up to drupa I was awash in a storm of writing activity that resulted in four white papers that were published either right before or during the show:

Each of these is available as a free download from InfoTrends, just click the link above. All of these white papers relate to one or more key trends from drupa 2012, including high-speed color inkjet systems, hybrid inkjet configurations with offset or other processes, substrates for inkjet that open up new application opportunities, and the move to B2 format digital. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

The Dscoop7 Book of Possibilities

Jim Hamilton
 Apr 19, 2012

In this video blog I discuss a print sample called the “Book of Possibilities” that was handed out at the recent Dscoop7 user conference. Created using HP Indigo technology, the sample book highlights a range of interesting special effects (such as white ink and raised printing) and substrates (including watercolor paper, pearlescents, and metallics). The piece was designed by Cipher Creative Group and paper was provided by GPA Specialty Substrate Solutions, Mohawk Fine Papers, NewPage, Finch, Sappi, and Neenah Paper.

A Two-Pronged Approach: Kodak’s Inkjet Substrate Strategy

Jim Hamilton
 Feb 10, 2012

I’ve just completed a white paper on Kodak’s production inkjet substrate strategy. This is an important topic because the success of the new class of high-speed production color inkjet printers is closely tied to the availability of substrates that can produce good results on these devices. At the same time, the prices of those stocks have to fit the business model of high-volume printers. To achieve their substrate strategy, Kodak has taken a two-pronged approach. This includes working with paper mills to create affordable inkjet-treated stocks while, at the same time, developing an in-line inkjet treatment solution (called IOS – Image Optimizer Station) that allows users to have the greater flexibility to use a stock of their own choice.

Kodak Prosper 5000XL with IOS

Kodak Prosper 5000XL with IOS (the IOS is the second unit from the left)

In the white paper, we look at how Kodak has built its strategy on a foundation of knowledge in substrates, inks, color, and image quality. This white paper is the first of a two-part series. The second white paper will explore substrate strategies for achieving high-quality output on inkjet systems, and particularly how substrates can be leveraged in ways that may go against conventional wisdom. The first white paper is called “A Two-Pronged Approach: Kodak’s Inkjet Substrate Strategy” and it is available on the InfoTrends web site as a free download. I’ll post a follow-up blog as soon as the second white paper becomes available.

What Is HP’s ColorPRO Technology Strategy?

Jim Hamilton
 Apr 17, 2010

Two recent announcements shed some light on the progress that HP has made on the development of third-party produced papers that are enhanced for use on the T300 Inkjet Web Press:

  • Georgia Pacific launched a line of treated uncoated stocks using ColorPRO technology. The ColorPRO brand denotes that the papers employ an HP-developed technology that facilitates high-quality print output on HP’s T300 Inkjet Web Press. The line of papers is called Spectrum Web Inkjet and is available now in the United States. (Link to Georgia-Pacific news)
  • Appleton Coated will develop coated papers for the T300 Inkjet Web Press using HP technology under the Utopia brand. These papers will include matte and dull finishes designed for textbook, publication, direct mail, and other commercial printing applications. The substrates are currently in production trials and are expected to be available in mid-2010 in North America. (Link to Appleton news)

The Georgia Pacific release was notable in that it mentioned the ColorPRO brand. The Appleton release did not. The reason behind this is relatively simple. The Georgia Pacific stocks are uncoated. The Appleton stocks are coated. In response to a question from InfoTrends HP clarified that ColorPRO as a technology and a brand is for uncoated stocks only. Appleton’s coated stocks will employ an HP-developed technology, not ColorPRO, and therefore will not be part of the ColorPRO technology brand. Read more »

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