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HP Jet Fusion 3D 3200/4200 – Innovation in 3D Printing

Ron Gilboa
 May 17, 2016

Today at the RAPID 3D print show, HP unveiled its first proprietary 3D printing product: the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution. Calling it “the world’s first production-ready commercial 3D printing system,” HP says the new Multi Jet Fusion product is part of its journey to bring disruptive manufacturing solutions to market.

As HP has said previously, the device will deliver superior quality parts up to 10 times faster and at half the cost of current 3D print systems. It will also print functional parts at the individual voxel level, HP said, a 3D printing first. During a pre-briefing call, Alex Monino, Head of Marketing and Go-to-Market for HP’s 3D printing business, indicated that HP has plans for a marketing campaign centered around the “voxel” concept. Read more »

New Standard Aims to Simplify 3D Printing Process

Christine Dunne Dunne
 May 4, 2015

Last week, it was announced that seven leading companies in the global 3D printing sector have launched a new consortium—the 3MF Consortium—focused on interoperability, functionality, and standards within the 3D printing industry.

The 3MF Consortium’s Logo

As a first step, the consortium is releasing a new specification—the 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) specification—that enables design applications to send “full-fidelity” 3D models to other applications, platforms, services, and printers. The first version of the specification is free, and available for download on the consortium’s website.

According to the press release announcing the news, current 3D design file formats—such as STL files—often have limitations around accuracy, ease of use, and functionality. They aren’t necessarily capable of fully describing models and all their characteristics. Read more »

House of the Future = On-Demand Architecture

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 Dec 10, 2013

From digitally printed glass covering the fronts of buildings to cork floors printed to look like hardwood, there has been a lot of activity in the digital printing space for architecture and design. At InfoTrends, our research has typically revolved around the technology, innovation, and products that enable new applications to flourish. However, we always keep end users in mind, as they are the ones who seed print providers with ideas that drive new opportunities. The Architecture Boston Expo (ABX) was just the place to see firsthand how innovations in digital printing are manifesting themselves into industrial applications. ABX is a local show aimed at architects and interior designers— offering attendees the chance to network, view the latest technology available to them for production, and educate themselves through sponsored information seminars. It was here, in this show, we were able to see how digital printing is making inroads into this industry.

Figure 1: View of the Show Floor

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The UPS Store Fires First Salvo in U.S. Retail 3D Print Services

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 Sep 6, 2013

In late July, The UPS Store announced an initiative to test 3D printing services via Stratasys equipment in select stores. The result has been significant publicity and interest in the offering. For example, the Clairemont, San Diego, location has received much attention due to the service since its debut three weeks ago. The owner, Burke Jones, spoke to Forbes about his store’s 3D printing service, the types of customers using it, pricing, and expectations for the future. One of the most interesting takeaways from Mr. Jones’ interview is who his customer base is. The majority are Read more »

Stratasys Acquires MakerBot

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 Jun 25, 2013

Stratasys, one of the largest 3D printer vendors, has acquired Brooklyn, NY based 3D print vendor MakerBot. This acquisition is a defining moment for the 3D printing industry, not only because it brings together two system vendors, but also because of the value of MakerBot’s online community.

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Braintree Printing: Digital Shops Takes Next Steps, Moves into Functional & Industrial Print

Ron Gilboa
 Apr 22, 2013

Last Thursday, I met a top Boston-area commercial printer, one with the vision and fortitude to take his business to the next level. The occasion was the company’s open house to highlight its adoption of 3D printing technology as the next step in its evolution as a print service provider.  We saw that technology, and a lot more.

For the event, Jim Corliss, a founder and owner of Braintree Printing, hosted nearly 200 guests at his company’s 17,000 sq. ft. operations, located just inside Route 128, Boston’s technology ring-road. Jim and his partners, Jerry Hogan and Jose Tafur, are veterans of the printing industry, having opened their first Sir speedy in 1982 and Braintree Printing in 2001.

Corliss and teammates have thus been in the trenches for many years and have successfully transitioned Braintree Printing into a full service commercial print operation, one incorporating workflow tools, lots of digital printing, and offset printing and fulfillment services.

Braintree Printing has an especially strong digital printing component, with two Xerox iGen 4s leading the company’s equipment list. While printed documents in conventional formats are the core of what Braintree Printing does, though, the spark of innovation and the desire to outpace the competition is driving Braintree to adopt new technologies, such as 3D printing. These technologies will allow them to maximize sell new services to existing and new customers and to add adjacent applications as well.

Adding new capabilities to Braintree Printing - Stratasys Dimension 1200es 3D

The pièce de résistance at the company today is the newly acquired Stratasys Dimension 1200es 3D Printer. Here Jim and his fellow owners take a step towards future solutions that will allow them to offer a slew of new applications starting with this entry level model aimed at ABS plastic production, and likely in the future more advanced units for complex 3D production. Read more »

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