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Growth Applications for Production Digital Print

Ralf Schlozer
 Aug 29, 2013

Print is driven by applications and production digital printing is no exception. Demand for certain applications, however, changes over time due to various reasons, such as growth in usage, electronic replacement, personalization, and the move to shorter runs. The change in demand will have a profound impact on production digital printing in competition with other processes as well as between different digital product groups. InfoTrends just published its 2012-2017 production digital print application forecast for the U.S. and Western Europe. It details application volumes and volume growth for 28 print applications in seven main application groups for the main categories of production digital printing devices.

Main Production Digital Printing Applications and Application Groups

The application forecast draws from many sources. InfoTrends’ consulting staff conducts ongoing primary and secondary research in the marketplace to determine the print volume share of the applications and volume trends. The underlying print volume forecast is based on published forecasts, which provide market size in terms of installed base, average monthly print volume, retail value of print, and other factors.

As an example, here is a view of some of the top production digital print applications in Western Europe (by absolute page growth).

10 Fastest Growing Applications in Production Digital Print in Western Europe 2012 to 2017

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Who Helped Bernard Madoff?

Jim Hamilton
 Dec 28, 2008

The possible investor loss of up to $50 billion in Bernard Madoff’s massive Ponzi scheme raises questions about how he managed to fool his investors for so long. These people (and institutions) were investing huge amounts of money and yet many sophisticated investors were totally fooled. Madoff’s main tool of deception must have been the statements, in print and/or digital form. Madoff’s senior executives appeared not to know about his fraudulent intentions but without their help, how was he able to manage multiple sets of books and produce convincing statements? Outside of accountants, who else could have been his accomplices (willing or otherwise)? Read more »

“TransPromo” Instills Fear

Matt Swain
 Sep 30, 2008

“TransPromo” has recently become a hot topic. I spend much of my day using the word, yet I sometimes wish that I had a better descriptor to define the application.

The word “TransPromo” instills fear in many corporate executives. Whether they are in retail, financial, healthcare, or insurance – it is a leap for these executives to consider compromising the integrity of their transactional documents with promotional material. They quickly jump to the thought of clutter and poorly designed third party advertising ruining the relationship that they worked so hard to build. Frankly, it would scare me too – if that was the thought that “TransPromo” triggered. It is not.

TransPromo leverages any opt-in relationship (statements, bills, notifications, reminder cards) by providing messaging printed (placed) directly on the piece. Messaging is the key term, because it does not have to be promotional. The messaging can be promotional, but it also can be informational or educational. (*Statement messaging is used in small circles, but never caught on.)

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