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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

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 Nov 13, 2013

As more people share their photos online, fewer people opt to print their photos. Social networking sites have become the destination for many of our photos. But can social media really be to blame for the declining print market? It might be fair to say that the photo print market was in trouble the moment photography went digital. For some years consumers persisted with printing habits adopted from the analogue era. However it seems inevitable that digital would eventually get the best of prints.

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Instant Sharing Brings Back the Emotion

Ed Lee
 Sep 22, 2010

Excerpt from Photo Industry Reporter’s State of the Industry 2010

The future of imaging is the connected experience. The CE industry is buzzing about connecting devices like TVs, set-top boxes, mobile phones and PCs with personal and commercial content and services. Digital cameras need to integrate with this ecosystem or run the risk of being left out of the equation.

As connected devices become more widespread, cameras need to become connected to participate. Eventually, digital cameras may need to adopt an operating system and open APIs that will enable them to run various applications much like smartphones.

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Kodak GUA Day 1: The Importance of User Groups

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 Apr 12, 2010

The annual Kodak GUA (Graphic Users Association) conference is taking place this week, April 11-14, in Vancouver, BC. I am lucky enough to be here in attendance as a media/journalist member and participant in one of the K-Zone sessions. I don’t often get the chance to come to user group meetings and interact with print service providers. Here are a few of my thoughts as the first day comes to a close.

The user group experience continues to be one of utmost importance to those in attendance. Talking with print service providers attending the event it is no surprise as to why they are here. Participants are given the opportunity to speak with like minded individuals at varying stages in technology implementations. They are able to gain valuable insight, discuss issues, and be reassured that the paths they are taking are those leading them in the right direction.

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Social Networking Sites: They Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore!

Eve Padula
 Nov 9, 2009

Over the past several years, InfoTrends has been publishing its Online Photo Services surveys on an annual basis. The changes that have occurred in just a few years have been truly staggering. When respondents to our 2006 Online Photo Services survey were asked which online photo service they used most often, Kodak Gallery (25%) and Snapfish (19%) captured the top spots. Fast-forward to 2008, and it becomes clear that traditional online photo services are being strongly affected by popular social networking sites. During InfoTrends’ 2008 Online Photo Services survey, the share of respondents who reported most frequently uploading their photos to Kodak Gallery (7%) and Snapfish by HP (7%) had slipped considerably. The top responses during that year were MySpace (48%) and Facebook (26%).

Our 2009 Online Photo Services study showed yet another shift. Although Facebook was a distant second place in our 2008 study, it surpassed MySpace to capture the top spot in 2009. Meanwhile, many of the traditional online photo services suffered year-over-year declines, which can again be attributed to the strong and growing popularity of social networking sites.


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Teenagers and Young Adults: They Keep Getting Younger, Don’t They?

Eve Padula
 Aug 19, 2009

Over the course of 2009, I’ve published a series of reports highlighting the digital photography behaviors of young adults under the age of 25. In some cases, my focus has even included teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17. To my mind, it doesn’t seem that long ago when I fell into the under-25 age bracket. I know I’m thirty-something now, but I still feel young. Am I really so different from these young adults that I am researching? The more data I explore about the under 25 age demographic, however, the more I am forced to face the gripping reality–we are different. Sigh.

Now, I will preface this by saying that I consider myself to be fairly young at heart. When it comes to communicating with others at a distance, I prefer texting over talking. I’m familiar with all of the social networking sites, and I use a few of them to keep in touch with friends and family. I love gadgets and consider myself to be pretty tech-savvy. I’m into current music and I’m a huge online gamer. I love World of Warcraft. Okay, so now I probably sound a little geeky… but I also sound pretty young, don’t I?

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facebook friday

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 Jan 2, 2009

I wanted to relate an observation I had over the holidays, namely the seasonality of social networking sites such as facebook and LinkedIn. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve received numerous friend requests from seemingly new facebook members  — long lost colleagues from high school and college, old girl friends with new surnames, and the excited-to-finally-be-“with it” relatives. If there’s a dynamic between physical and digital social networks that deserves to be examined, gathering around the holidays should be a great data point.

I used Google Insights for Search — a free search trends tool — to see if there had really been a spike in traffic. Sure enough, this graph shows a definitive jump in  facebook searches slightly lagging the 3 major U.S. holidays, which started on 12/21, 12/25, and 12/26. If you look closely, Thanksgiving gatherings may have played a role in a traffic spike as well, although not as dramatically. Of course, this analysis only reflects searches, but we can assume that actual hit rates followed a similar path. You can roll back the clock to see similar trends, but keep in mind facebook was still in its infancy (and we rarely had the perfect storm of Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanzaa within 10 days of New Year’s). Read more »

Web-Enabled Print with HP Innovation

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 Dec 12, 2008

The Open Innovation Forum is a new HP initiative focused on sharing new HP projects with members of the analyst, educational, and business communities. As part of the innovation initiative, HP has comprised eight teams that focus on addressing major technology problems in today’s consumer, office, and production environments. The first of an ongoing series of open innovation forums for analysts was held as Webinar earlier today and I thought I’d share a few of the new ideas coming from HP:

  1. HP + Social Media: In October, HP announced that it was teaming up with MySpace to build a “print” button in to all MySpace pages, making it easy for any of the 120 million MySpace users to print photos. HP Photo Cube technology will enable users to create prints, photo books, or gifts from any of the 400 billion photos posted on the site. The new relationship enables MySpace to provide a streamlined method of printing for users and HP hopes to become synonymous with MySpace photos by managing all of the printed output. It’s still unclear who will produce the printed collateral that is ordered through the site.
  2. MagCloud — Publishing for the Masses: This new Web application brings publishers, consumers, and printers together in an effort to streamline the publishing process for short-run magazines. Publishers upload a PDF and pay Read more »

DMA08 asks, “Are you Connected?”

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 Oct 14, 2008

The DMA 08 Conference and Exhibition got started today in Las Vegas, Nevada. The President & CEO of the DMA, John Greco, opened the conference by posing the question, “are you connected?” He stressed the importance of (1) marketers constantly staying connected with their customers, donors, and prospects, (2) connecting with each other to build the marketing community, and (3) the importance of personalized, relevant, and timely integrated marketing communications.

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