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Océ looks to the cloud to continue its reign in technical documents

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 Feb 10, 2012

The most significant news from Océ’s recent launches in the technical document sector was the move into the cloud in this sector of the market with two new tools, mobile print application MobilePlot and document distribution and management service Eneo. Both are responses to the changing work landscape and designed to make it simpler to use documents in the ever-more mobile, collaborative and complex environments that businesses operate in.

MobilePlot is an app available for Apple’s iPhone and iPad iOS devices as well as Android-based smart phones and tablets. It provides a simple scan and print workflow for registered users, which works with a range of Oce printers as long as they are on a wifi network. Up to five printers can be controlled at any one time by the app. From within the app print functions include control over number of copies, media, scaling and folding. It is also possible to scan to the app and to set up pre-set workflows. The app integrates with a number of third party tools include Adobe Acrobat, Evernote and Dropbox.

Eneo is a cloud-based Software as a service (SaaS) system for document distribution and management. It was developed to simplify the document workflow and to make it as easy as possible for the stakeholders to work with digital and printed documents when most appropriate. To support hard copy in the workflow it enables simple printing to connected devices on a user’s network or via third-party print service providers connected to the Eneo network. It also integrates with scanners to enable annotations and comments to be captured and tracked.

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A look back at AIIM 2009

Anne Valaitis
 Apr 22, 2009

When I first walked into the Philadelphia convention center show this year, I have to admit I was a little taken back. In years past the joint AIIM/OnDemand expo was certainly much larger and decidedly louder. Gone are the book printers and roll fed devices demonstrating their might and churning out samples. Booths themselves were scaled back, and large product left behind in their place, brochures and posters. Staff was minimized as well, obviously a sign of the economic turmoil we find ourselves living in. Some vendors opted to go off the show floor and make use of meeting room space (Fujitsu), some opted out of the show altogether (Kodak). As a past attendee and exhibitor, I do remember foot traffic being heavier, however I also recall many demonstrations to clearly uninterested people who really just wanted the very cool pen, flashing ball, t-shirt, clock, calculator, sticky pad, USB stick or squishy thing we happened to be giving away. The vast majority of attendees of the past were casual lookers, somewhat buys, technofiles, and friends there to visit whatever cool city we were in. Attendees this year may have thought long and hard whether to attend, made a comittment to travel when many are not or cannot. Attendees this year were looking for solutions to either help them drive cost out of operations or understand ways these solutions can help them develop new business and grow existing. Attendees this year were more serious…maybe even more qualified than years past, the cool pen was an after thought. Read more »

No more MOSS – Microsoft SharePoint 2010!

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 Apr 15, 2009

Chris Capossela, senior vice president of Microsoft’s Information Worker Product Management Group, answered a Q/A today about Microsoft’s next generation of Office products. You can find the official release here and the corresponding explanation on the SharePoint team blog here.

Product Roadmap:

Exchange 2010 – entering beta today; available in 2H 2009
Office 2010 –”tech preview” in Q309; release to manufacturing in 1H 2010
SharePoint 2010 – no more “Office” branding

Other product hints from the interview: Read more »

The end of a long week!

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 Jan 23, 2009

I believe a good blog is often focused on a single thought, well-developed and hyperlinked to the point of intrigue. The problem is that this was a busy week for content and document management vendors. Instead of dwelling on a single topic, I’d like to close out the week by providing my 2 cents on a few must-read headlines:

1. Interwoven to be acquired by Autonomy

My $0.02 – most analysts expected this acquisition, but I don’t think Autonomy was on anyone’s short-list — after all, their market capitalization was only 3x that of Interwoven’s. Although initial reports and briefings discussed synergies around Legal services and e-Discovery, the broader importance of pan-enterprise search (Autonomy’s IDOL) and some unique multimedia offerings (Autonomy’s Virage) could also play a role in Interwoven’s ECM portfolio. Competing vendors have already taken note of the opportunity in light of possible turmoil, with Web content management (WCM) vendor FatWire putting out an official response.

PS Earlier in the week, we also found out Autonomy had signed an OEM agreement with Xerox DocuShare to provide its IDOL enterprise search offering…

2. IBM released Q4  and full-year earnings

My $0.02 – IBM beat the street (again) and Wall Street rallied the stock more than 10% the next morning. The official slide deck, available here, is particularly interesting — take note of global revenue growth, especially in BRIC countries, as well as the product segmentation breakdown. Although branded software offerings (e.g. WebSphere, FileNet, et al) performed exceptionally well, things sounded a bit somber when we spoke with these groups over the course of the week — even Big Blue is not immune to market consolidation.

3. InfoTrends launches novel study on Microsoft SharePoint

My $0.02 – This one didn’t make the front page of (much to my dismay!),  but the troubling economy means that we all need to re-evaluate the effects of SharePoint as a market disruptor, whether it represents a threat or an opportunity to our business. I’ve been fielding calls  for the past several weeks on connectors, strategies, and TCO — including with MarkLogic, who recently announced their SharePoint connector and Word toolkit — and I’m ready to be surprised by structured survey results and future interviews. If you’re thinking about SharePoint, talking about SharePoint, or just confused by SharePoint, drop me a line and let’s discuss!

ODS Follow-up: Continuing our SharePoint conversations…

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 Nov 14, 2008

For those of you that attended our SharePoint keynote panel yesterday morning, I wanted to reach out and offer the opportunity to continue the conversation. Unfortunately, we ran a little bit over the allotted time and didn’t have the chance to address audience questions (nor several of my own). So that said, feel free to e-mail me directly, or post some questions/comments under this post. I’ll follow-up with our panel and post their responses here!

Based on what we heard during the keynote, it seems SharePoint could be a real disruptor for our markets and especially important as the convergence of hardware and software (and of workgroup and enterprise solutions) comes to fruition. The Microsoft ecosystem could be an ‘in’ for hardware manufacturers, workgroup ISVs, as well as enterprise ISVs to approach end-to-end solutions in a truly process-centric manner. Read more »

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