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Sign of the times – SGIA Acquires NAPCO Media

Ron Gilboa
 Aug 7, 2019

On August 6, 2019 the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) announced that it has acquired NAPCO Media. “Under the terms of the agreement, which has been unanimously approved by SGIA’s Board of Directors, NAPCO Media – owners of Printing Impressions, Packaging Impressions, Promo Marketing, In-Plant Impressions, Total Retail, Target Marketing, and Wide-Format Impressions – will become an LLC and will continue to operate as an independent entity. All NAPCO Media staff and business units will remain in place. SGIA offices and NAPCO Media offices will continue to reside in Fairfax, Va., and Philadelphia, Pa., respectively. “

Since the 2017 announcement of the strategic partnership between SGIA and NAPCO to create the Printing United show, both vendors and print service providers have been abuzz about what this new relationship will bring to the industry at large. As industry segments such as sign & display, commercial printing, and packaging are becoming attractive to different types of PSPs, they are all looking to add value to clients and invest in the supporting technologies. In past decades technology capital expenditures and labor costs were barriers PSPs had to overcome a transition from one segment to another. Today with advancements in internet-based communications, cloud computing, digital workflow, and the growth in digital printing equipment, many PSPs can now reach out to adjacent segments using these technologies for the benefit of their clients, meeting the demand for mass customization and timely production. Read more »

What Epson’s new DTG Solution Means for Polyester Printing

Catherine Cresswell
 Oct 30, 2018

During SGIA 2018, Epson (who was on hand as an exhibitor) unveiled its new direct-to-garment (DTG) pretreatment solution for polyester garments. The solution will work with its current DTG products – namely the SureColor F2000 and F2100. According to Epson, part of the appeal of this new pretreatment solution is its adaptability. Users will not have to change their standard DTG workflow to accommodate the product but will reap the rewards of an expanded range of garment lineup options – including activewear, imitation silk and leather, and sports apparel.

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SGIA SPIRE Group Presentation 2018

Steve Urmano
 Feb 22, 2018

This year’s SPIRE event has been ramped up to include great new content to help you manage your graphics business – all delivered at warp speed. 33 top tier graphic imaging professionals and 10 presenters participated in this eclectic conference to provide new ideas to build a framework to future growth requirements.

Steve Urmano, Director of Wide Format had a half hour presentation and Q&A on the topic: Convergence, How The Wide Format Industry Is Changing. It focused on all the different ink & media technologies and how the market opportunities are changing along with them. Attendees should come away with a view of new opportunities & adjacencies.

The schedule is so full, the 10 presenters are sure accomplish this lofty goal. With a limited number of spots available, attendees needed to register quickly to ensure they didn’t miss out on the event of the year. The SPIRE strong sharing environment allows for critical insight and game-changing industry networking.

A sampling of the presentations are as follows:

  • Richard Romano, What They Think, Developments in Production Automation
  • Patrick Morrissey, EFI, Review of New Products & Scope
  • Kerry King, Spoonflower, Décor & Shift Towards Online Portals
  • John Hagan, Hagen Graphic Assets, Exploring Employee Recruitment
  • Alexander Hussain, 3D Chimera, 3D Printing: Production & Partnership



SPIRE is a unique network of CEOs and top executives from industry leading producers of retail, point-of-purchase, OEM, transit, outdoor, and similar graphic solutions. The interests, concerns, and challenges of SPIRE members are often different than those of individuals managing smaller companies within the SGIA membership. SPIRE has been in existence for more than 20 years, providing both educational and networking opportunities that are unparalleled in our industry. The members of SPIRE have carefully created an environment where printers from related markets, even direct competitors, can comfortably address common issues. In fact, just about every SPIRE member will tell you that their SPIRE network is their most valued SGIA resource.


Feedback from the Organizers

“I’m very proud of how we have advanced the quality and pacing of the SPIRE program. It’s dynamic, relevant content that speaks to today’s industry challenges.”

– Scott Crosby, SPIRE Program Co-Chair, Holland and Crosby

Scott Crosby of Holland & Crosby

“SPIRE has become the don’t-miss meeting in the print industry. At SPIRE, we provide high-level topics for top-level executives you can’t get anywhere else.”

– Terry Corman, SPIRE Program Co-Chair, Firehouse Image Center

Terry Corman of Firehouse Graphics


Meetings and Social Events
Ongoing changes to the graphic arts industry are profound, with new areas of convergence and unprecedented opportunities for those companies that can navigate change successfully. Attendees gained insight from Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends industry consultant Steve Urmano as he presented his views on how today’s changes will affect tomorrow’s realities.



Mal Baboyian and the New Canon Océ Colorado 1640

Jim Hamilton
 Mar 10, 2017

Mal Baboyian has 45 years of industry experience, an extremely long job title, and a lot of responsibility at Canon. He’s the Senior Vice President of Canon U.S.A.’s Business Imaging Solutions Group for Océ Product Marketing and Support. This covers a wide range of Océ-branded products, including two exciting new devices: the ProStream continuous-feed color inkjet printer and the Colorado 1640 64″ wide format UVgel roll-to-roll printer. This week at the One Canon press/analyst event in Boca Raton, Florida was the worldwide unveiling of the Colorado 1640 and Baboyian thinks it is Océ’s most important wide format graphic arts product introduction in 25 years. To say that he’s excited about this product would be an understatement—and this is a man who has seen quite a few wide format products. For one, he has helped Canon Océ to reach 6,000 unit placements worldwide in the very successful Arizona product line.

Here’s a quick summary of why Baboyian is so excited about the 1640. First off, it is very fast and quite affordable (MSRP, $58,000). Ink consumption and overall running costs are projected to be at quite attractive levels. In addition, the new Canon-developed UVgel inks have a large color CMYK gamut, give off little or no odor, dry immediately, and use low-temperature LED curing. Some very innovative supply and quality control features (to be explained shortly) top off the list.

Canon Océ Colorado 1640

Canon Océ Colorado 1640

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2013: A Turning Point for Inkjet in Production

Jim Hamilton
 Dec 10, 2013
Though inkjet has been a hot topic since 2008 (remember the ‘inkjet’ drupa?), it is hard to underestimate the continuing impact inkjet is having across all areas of the graphic arts. I think 2013 marks an interesting turning point. Inkjet is everywhere from document printing to labels & packaging to decorative to functional and 3D printing.

Gartner Hype Cycle

3D printing had to be one of the most talked about topics of 2013 and jetting technologies are the key behind many 3D printing implementations (though in this case they are jetting materials rather than inks). That being said, in my opinion 3D printing has reached what Gartner likes to call the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’ and others have described as ‘Irrational Exuberance.’ The way some people talk about 3D printing you’d think that before long you’ll be 3D printing your beer complete with the bottle (with a label on the outside and a cap on top).

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Big Iron and New Ink at SGIA

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 Oct 12, 2009

I’m just getting back from the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) show in New Orleans, LA. I am working on a more detailed write-up, but in short I think there were two distinct sets of wide format digital printing equipment developments.

At the front of the show floor, basically right next to each other, the leading high-end wide format graphics hardware suppliers like Durst, EFI, Fujifilm, and HP were showing off their latest equipment and tools. Durst had its new Rho 900 flatbed printer and Rho 1000 printer, EFI was leading with the new GS-3200 and new Fiery XF RIP product, Fujifilm was demonstrating the Onset S20,its new UviStar 3.2- and 5-meter wide UV-curable inkjet printers. The UviStar models are private-labeled from Matan. HP has the widest portfolio of products in the wide format graphics market, and was at SGIA with equipment ranging from its high-end flatbed inkjet printers to its new low-end “Latex” printer (more on that in just a minute). All of those vendors were reporting that they were closing deals right there on the show floor. The trend on the high-end is clearly about the tools that make up solutions and help customers build and operate their wide format business more effectively,with Fujifilm showing its Print Run Controller software, the new EFI Fiery XF solution and HP’s Capture program all taking a position.

The other big development was on the ink side, where I should note the aforementioned Latex printer, but also identify new inks from Roland DG and Seiko I Infotech. HP’s Latex ink has a lot of appeal in and of itself because of the low VOC emission and good image durability. The reaction I got from one of the HP resellers I spoke to was very strong, he told me “HP is going to sell a ton of those”. On the eco-/light-/mild-solvent inkjet side, there were new printer models but also new ink formulations. Roland’s new printer is the first to use a metallic silver inkjet ink, so this represents something of a breakthrough, and the examples in Roland booth illustrated the great effects that can be created using these metallic inks. The printer will start shipping later this year. Also on the solvent side, SII announced a new ink set called “EG Outdoor-LX” which are lower-priced than the company’s “EG Outdoor-EX” ink sets. These new inks are less expensive and come in larger cartridges than the EX-series ink, but do not offer the same outdoor durability.

The SGIA show was smaller and the attendance was lower compared to past years. There was very limited participation in the event from the screen-printing side. New Orleans did not draw the attendee-vacationers that Las Vegas or Orlando usually does, but according to the vendors I spoke with, attendees at SGIA were ready to do business, so just about all of the vendors I spoke to were pretty happy. We’ll be publishing that more detailed write-up of SGIA later this week.

Seen at SGIA – Productivity enhancements

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 Oct 22, 2008

One of the things that is shaping up in the wide format market is the increasing focus on overall productivity. At SGIA HP launched a new high-speed wide format printer called the FB7500. This printer is the product of years of research in high-speed production environments, specifically screen printing environments. In addition to using HP’s X2 print head technology, and new formulation of UV-curable inkjet inks, the new FB7500 has what the company calls a “three-quarters” automatic feeding system, which reduces the labor required to run the printer and improves the media load times because the system loads and lines up the media automatically. What I like about this new automation feature is that it is a lot like the kind of automation advances we’ve seen in the offset market that have been beneficial to that class of equipment in terms of units sold. One of the people who worked on the FB7500 told me that they have visited production printing establishments for years to get input on what characteristics of wide format digital printers need to be improved, the features of the FB7500 are a direct result of a lot of that work.

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