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Dscoop9: A Video-Aided Re-Cap

Jim Hamilton
 Mar 20, 2014

My trip to Dscoop9 was short — one day only — but fabulous. In the time I was there I saw a hilarious and thought-provoking keynote, spent hours on the show floor collecting print samples (see links to videos below), moderated a panel of innovative HP Indigo 10000 users, met with HP Indigo executives, and interviewed an HP “Graphics Influencer.”

Here are my take-aways from the day I spent at Dscoop9:

  • How Important Is Dscoop to HP? Dion Weisler was at Dscoop9. Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Hamilton

Jim Hamilton
 Feb 13, 2014

While it’s nice to see my name written in rose petals (or in clouds or candies or footprints in the sand), by itself this form of personalization, though eye-catching, is not enough. Using variable data requires more than just a person’s name.

With a very small amount of information (for example, name, address, and account status) it is possible to create a much more effective document. Read more »

Two Social Media Stories from ON DEMAND 2011: Crasher Squirrel and the QR Code on the Rug

Jim Hamilton
 Apr 8, 2011

Two social media stories from ON DEMAND 2011 caught my fancy:

  • The Squirrel that Went Viral — Rob Covey, Senior Vice President of Content Development & Design for National Geographic’s Digital Media division, gave the opening day keynote. His points about creating fun applications and basking in the warm glow of the National Geographic brand provided an interesting overview on how to engage audiences with professional and user-generated content. Covey told an amusing story about the viral life of a user-submitted photo of a curious squirrel and a vacationing couple by a lake. The couple uploaded the shot to National Geographic’s Your Photo site, then the photo took on a life of its own. It has since become an Internet darling that has generated a Web page and an iPhone app (enabling you to insert the squirrel into any photo). The squirrel is now so famous it has its own Wikipedia page under “Crasher Squirrel.” I file this under “Interesting, but non-revenue producing.” The next story has more of a sales angle.

Original Crasher Squirrel Photo

Read more »

Print Samples from ON DEMAND 2011

Jim Hamilton
 Mar 29, 2011

In this video I discuss a range of print samples that I picked up at ON DEMAND 2011.

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