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Digital Still Cameras: It’s Time for More Innovation

Jeff Hayes
 Jul 7, 2010

I read an interesting article today in the Wall Street Journal that reminded me of the lack of innovation taking place in the digital still camera market. In the article Videogame Makers in Talks About Portable 3G Connections there is a quote from NTT DoCoMo President Ryuji Yamada who said, “videogame makers know that in order for portable game machines to take the next step forward, they need wireless. We are discussing this with various players.”

Unfortunately, most of the camera vendors have taken a very traditional approach to camera design by primarily focusing on megapixels, zoom, shutter lag time, and lower prices. While these improvements are all very nice, my feeling is they are pretty much played out.

The following chart shows DSC camera placements in North America over the last five years along with average megapixels and average selling price. Let’s face it, the market is saturated. DSC vendors have fulfilled the basic needs of consumers (taking a quality photo) with a wide range of cameras that meets every traditional need at a price point they can afford.

Lower Prices and More Megapixels Aren’t Driving More DSC Shipments

North American DSC Shipments, ASP and AMP

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InfoTrends Wraps Successful PhotoPublishing Summit

Alan Bullock
 Jun 24, 2010
Xerox's Brian Segnit Delivers One of the Keynote Presentations at the 2010 PhotoPublishing Summit

Xerox's Brian Segnit Delivers a Keynote Presentation at the 2010 PhotoPublishing Summit

InfoTrends’ 2010 PhotoPublishing Summit was held last week in Chicago. This event, now in its third year, brings together sponsors, invited VIP guests, and other representatives of print, photo, retail, and other industries to explore opportunities in the rapidly growing market for custom and short-run photo specialty products that help consumers to tell their life stories and businesses to communicate more effectively. Read more »

The iPad – First Impressions

Alan Bullock
 May 11, 2010

InfoTrends’ Consumer Imaging group recently purchased a 16GB Apple iPad with Wi-Fi. Its main purpose, of course, is for us to learn more about the device as a business and photo tool, but it’s been hard not to have fun with it too.

Recent advancements in the quality of their cameras notwithstanding, mobile phones have become powerful digital imaging appliances, with applications for viewing, sharing, sending, and even printing photos. Add a beautiful 9.7” LCD touch-screen display with the intuitive iPhone/iPod Touch user interface, and even without a camera, it feels like a recipe for success. Read more »

Facebook Keeps More Pixels

Alan Bullock
 Mar 17, 2010

Facebook recently increased the maximum size of photos uploaded to its site from 604 pixels to 720 pixels (longest dimension). The phased rollout was completed for all users in early March. While many observers see this as a nearly 20% increase in size, the actual increase is just over 42% for most images, as most users will not be increasing just one dimension of their photos. Read more »

The iPad: a Photo Enthusiast’s View

Carrie Sylvester
 Feb 26, 2010
The iPad was introduced on January 27, 2010. Based on its appearance, the iPad could be described as an oversized iPod Touch. Apple, however, describes it as its “most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device.” The iPad is a 0.5-inch thick tablet device with a 9.7-inch diagonal LCD display. It offers 1,024 x 768-pixel resolution and features the iPhone’s signature multi-touch interface.

 iPad hardware-01-20100127

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