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New InfoTrends Study Shows that Electronic and Printed Products have a Future Together

David Haueter
 May 2, 2014

It’s safe to say that electronic viewing and sharing of photos is here to stay as the use of smartphones and tablets become a more prevalent part of our photography habits. What’s more of a wild card is how electronic “e-books” and “e-cards” will ultimately impact the print side of the market. Recent research by InfoTrends suggests that there is room for both, and that the print side of the market may even get a boost from the electronic world.

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Where Did the Family Photo Album Go?

David Haueter
 Feb 6, 2014

It’s only logical that photo books would displace traditional photo albums for many people. After all, a photo book is nothing more than a book with photos printed on the pages, rather than a photo album with prints slid into plastic sleeves. Photo books, of course, also allow for personalization through the adding of text, as well as choices of backgrounds, borders and various binding options.

In the 2013 U.S. Photo Printing Survey, survey respondents that had purchased photo books were asked if they thought photo books would eventually replace traditional photo albums in their households. Interestingly, over 33% said that photo books had already started replacing photo albums and another 30% said that they plan to start printing photo books instead of putting prints in traditional albums. Only 19% said “no.” Those with higher incomes were more likely to already have photo books replace albums in the home, as were those who said they are “early adopters” of technology.


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To Make Most of Photo Merchandise Opportunity, Don’t Skimp on the Details

David Haueter
 Mar 29, 2013

The adoption of photo merchandise products into the mass market may not be happening as quickly or on as broad a scale as many in the photo market had hoped, but InfoTrends is seeing in our research that these products are getting more penetration into the U.S. market. In the consumer survey portion of our U.S. Photo Merchandise End-User Survey, InfoTrends found that over 37% of respondents said they had purchased photo merchandise items in the last year, with the survey specifically asking about photo books, photo cards, photo calendars and specialty photo prints (which includes canvas, photo panels, collage prints and posters/enlargements over 11” x 14”). This was up from just over 32% in our 2011 survey, so there was a notable increase in the buyer population.

It’s great to see that more people are buying photo merchandise, but there is still a lot of opportunity to bring new buyers into the market. In that same study mentioned above, we asked the entire survey population of over 1,500 people if they plan to buy photo merchandise products in the next 12 months. Photo cards were the most likely product to be purchased, followed by specialty photo prints. There are still a sizable percentage of respondents that don’t plan to buy anything, but an average of around 24% said “maybe,” and it’s this group that needs to be reached. InfoTrends research has consistently shown that once someone buys photo merchandise, there’s a very good likelihood that they will buy again, so getting them to make that first purchase is key.

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Changes in the imaging landscape means changes to InfoTrends’ consumer services in Europe

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 Dec 6, 2012

InfoTrends is pleased to announce some exciting changes to our European Consumer Information Services. As of Monday, 3rd December, InfoTrends’ introduced two new services: Photo Capture Trends Europe and Photo Output Trends Europe. Read more »

Walgreens Goes After the Mobile Print Market

David Haueter
 Aug 17, 2012

With more consumers using smartphones as everyday cameras, vendors in the photo output market are striving to come up with easier ways to print photos captured on mobile devices. Walgreens is one of the leading retailers in the U.S. market, and has been proactive in going after the mobile photo market. Back in July, they introduced a developer portal that allows third-party software developers to integrate the Walgreens QuickPrints software development kit (SDK) into their apps, which will enable photo printing directly from iOS and Android mobile devices. The QuickPrints SDK is already implemented into seven partner apps, and is the first time that Walgreens has provided an open interface for developers to integrate their in-store services.

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Camera Phones/Smartphones may Bolster Photo Print Market

David Haueter
 May 23, 2012

There is concern in the photo industry that the migration from digital still cameras to camera phones/smartphones and their increased usage will lead to fewer photos being printed. The concern is valid, as camera phones/smartphones provide an easy on-ramp for photos to be sent to online sites, which could potentially take print completely out of the viewing and sharing process.

We believe that for the near term the opposite will be true; that increased camera phone/smartphone usage will actually lead to more prints being generated. The rationale behind our thinking is that as more people rely on their camera phones/smartphones as everyday cameras and even use them more for special events, that a growing percentage of these photos will be important photos that they will want to share, preserve, or display as prints.

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Digital Photography and Photo Printing: Moms Rock!

Eve Padula
 May 9, 2012

Just in time for Mother’s Day on May 13th, InfoTrends has released two reports exploring how motherhood affects digital photography and photo printing habits. InfoTrends’ research has long confirmed that mothers are generally more photo-active than other demographic groups. They typically capture, print, and share more of their photos, likely because so many of these photos feature their children.

InfoTrends’ report entitled Motherhood’s Striking Impact on Digital Photography and Photo Printing Habits provides a direct comparison between moms aged 18 to 29 and non-moms within the same age range. In comparing moms and non-moms, we were able to garner additional insight about how non-mothers’ photography behaviors might change as more of them become parents in the future.

In relation to non-moms under the age of 30, moms within the same age range:

  • Use their cameras more frequently: Nearly 68% of moms use their digital cameras multiple times each week, compared to 37% of non-moms.
  • Capture over 50% more photos: Moms report capturing over 198 digital camera photos in a typical three-month period. The average among non-moms was 125.5.
  • Print about twice as many photos: Moms print nearly 54 digital camera photos during a typical 3-month period, compared to about 24 photos for non-moms.

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Kodak will likely be a different company when they come out of bankruptcy

David Haueter
 Jan 19, 2012

The announcement that everyone in the photo industry expected was made on January 19, when Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, culminating from months of dismal earnings reports, layoffs and the selling off of properties and businesses (such as the Image Sensor Solutions business, which was sold in November 2011). Kodak will continue to operate while it reorganizes its finances and is hoping to complete its restructuring in 2013.

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Photo Printing Behaviour

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 Jan 5, 2012

Over the years a large proportion of digital camera owners have developed undesirable printing habits. The novelty of owning a digital camera has faded and alternative electronic methods for viewing and sharing of photos have meant that printing is considered an option rather than a necessity. Read more »

Photo Apps and Consumer Behavior

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 Dec 12, 2011

I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact that smartphone photo apps such as Instagram, will have on the photo merchandise marketing in 2012. In August 2011, the New York Times published an article that discussed “Instawalk,” an ad hoc gathering of iPhone photography enthusiasts who are led on guided walking tours. Participants snap pictures on their iPhones and gather at the end of the walks to share ideas, pictures, and creative advice. While Instagram currently has a leading market share, it isn’t alone in this space; there are hundreds of photo apps currently on the market.

Increasingly, developers are launching apps that allow users to print directly from their smartphone. For instance, The Sincerely Ship Library for the iOS allows app developers to add printing and postcard functionality to their apps. In addition, we’re seeing online photo merchandise retailers embracing and supporting mobile imaging behavior. Recently, CanvasPop launched a service that allows customers to create canvas wall prints from their Instagram photo creations.

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