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Amazon Enters Photo Print Market

David Haueter
 Sep 29, 2016

There haven’t been that many significant entries into the photo print market over the last several years, so it was especially notable when Amazon announced its AmazonPrints service on September 21st, which is available to Amazon Prime and Amazon Drive customers. The service is now offering photo prints in 4” x 6” ($0.09), 5” x 7” ($0.58) and 8” x 10” ($1.79) sizes, as well as two different types of photo books. AmazonPrints 8” x 11” hardcover photo book with glossy pages starts at $19.99, and an 8” x 11” premium layflat hardcover book with matte paper starts at $44.99. According to the AmazonPrints website, stationery and calendars are coming soon.

Amazon logo

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Room to Grow in the U.S. Photo Merchandise Market

David Haueter
 Oct 29, 2014

Photo merchandise items like photo books, photo cards, and calendars remain very popular gift items in the U.S. market, but according to recent InfoTrends consumer surveys, the market is showing signs of slowing down. In InfoTrends’ 2014 U.S. Photo Merchandise End-User Survey, about 40% of respondents had bought photo merchandise products in the last year. This was virtually unchanged from the 2013 survey after showing growth the previous two years. InfoTrends believes that while a slowdown is inevitable as the photo merchandise market matures, there is still room for continued growth with targeted marketing efforts and promotions.

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Hobbyist Photographers are Key Buyers and Influencers in Photo Merchandise Market

David Haueter
 Aug 30, 2013

To be successful, most photo merchandise vendors must rely on sales to the average snapshot photographer who makes up a large percentage of the addressable market for products like photo cards, books and calendars. However, it’s also important for even for the largest vendors not to lose sight of the market for the hobbyist photographers, the type of photographers who more often rely on their camera instead of their camera-phone and who know how aperture, shutter speed and ISO influence photos.

InfoTrends survey research over the years has consistently shown that those who identify themselves as “Hobbyist” or “Advanced Hobbyist” photographers produce significantly more printed products than those that identify themselves as “Snapshot” or Family Memory-Keeper” photographers. Hobbyist photographers likely tend to be more creative types that experiment with their photography and enjoy seeing their best work displayed on their walls or in a photo book. These photographers are also more likely to understand the vulnerability of relying solely on electronic storage methods for their photos and want to have their best pictures in printed form.

The chart below was taken from our 2013 U.S. Photo Merchandise End-User Survey ( gives a good example of how much more popular photo merchandise products (including photo books, cards, calendars and specialty photo print products like canvas, photo panels and posters) are with hobbyist photographers. While only 32% of snapshot photographers and 45% of family memory-keeper photographers in the entire survey population had ordered any kind of photo merchandise product in the last year, those percentages rose to 57% for hobbyist photographers and 71% for advanced hobbyist photographers. Hobbyist/advanced hobbyist photographers also make significantly more traditional photo prints than the snapshot or family memory-keeper photographers, from both digital cameras and mobile devices.

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High Retention Rate among Photo Merchandise Buyers

David Haueter
 Jul 25, 2013

InfoTrends recently published our 2013 U.S. Photo Merchandise End-User Survey , which we conduct every year to get a pulse on what’s happening in the consumer market. We ask specifically about photo books, cards, calendars and specialty photo prints, which includes poster and collage prints as well as canvas and photo panels. In the survey, we found that photo merchandise is continuing to penetrate more of the mass market. When all survey respondents were asked if they had bought any of these items in the last year, 40% answered “yes,” which was up from 37% in 2012 and 25% in 2009.

We also asked the entire survey population (including buyers and non-buyers) if they plan to buy any of these photo merchandise items in the next year. As shown in the chart below, photo cards have the highest percentage of people most likely to buy, with almost 40% saying they’ll either “definitely” or “probably” buy. This is no surprise given the continuing popularity of sending out photo cards for the Holidays.

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David Haueter
 Jun 7, 2013

There’s no question that the output side of the photo market has been impacted in some negative ways by the electronic world, as more people are using websites, social networking and the cloud to share, manage and archive their photos rather than print them. However, that electronic side of the world also presents some real opportunities for vendors that are proactive about taking advantage of the benefits that merging the electronic and printed worlds has to offer.

InfoTrends believes that the future success of the photo output market relies in large part on how the physical, output side of the market melds with the electronic virtual world. Our research has shown that a significant percentage of consumers are interested in producing output from photos that are shared and viewed electronically, be it on a social networking site like Facebook, a photo gallery site like Flickr or through an online photo services provider. In the recently published 2013 U.S. Photo Merchandise End-User Study, InfoTrends found that 83% of photo merchandise buyers had interest in creating photo merchandise products that allowed people to work together online in product design and/or creation. has established a reputation as a site for people that want to publish their own books (including photo books) but is now striking into new territory with their site (, which harnesses the power of electronic sharing and collaboration to create unique photo books and calendars. The site has collaborative features that allow people to add their own photos to a single gallery, which can then be used to create photo books or calendars, and photos can not only be uploaded from the computer but also pulled from Facebook or accounts.

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Touring Mimeo’s Production Facility in New Jersey

David Haueter
 Aug 24, 2011

Mimeo is one of the leading providers of on-demand printing for both the consumer photo merchandise and office document segments, and we had a chance to visit their Newark, New Jersey production facility for an inside tour. This is one of three production facilities that Mimeo has in the U.S., with the other two located in Memphis, Tennessee and Hayward, California. The company also has a production facility in the U.K.

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Mobile Imaging: A Photo Merchandise Prediction

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The future of photo publishing and merchandise looks bright. This year, InfoTrends conducted a number of in-depth studies that leads us to believe that the photo merchandise market will experience a bump in the number of consumers making photo merchandise purchases in the coming years. Part of this growth is going to come from the convergence of smartphone camera adoption, advancements in camera phone imaging, and the development of photo creation apps for the mobile phone.

In 2010, according to the U.S. Census, there were over 73.2 million people that fit into the age demographic of 18-34 years old (22% of the U.S. population). The  2011 InfoTrends U.S. Mobile Imaging End-User Survey highlights that close to 40% of this age demographic has a smartphone, in addition the 2010 InfoTrends U.S. Photo Merchandise End Customer Survey highlights that this age demographic is the largest segment of photo merchandise purchasers (with over 50% having made a photo merchandise purchase in the last 12 months). This combination of a high propensity to purchase photo merchandise combined with a high propensity to own a smartphone creates an atmosphere ready for an upsurge in consumers leveraging their mobile images to create and purchase photo merchandise.

InfoTrends 2011: U.S. Mobile Imaging End-User Survey
InfoTrends 2010: U.S. Photo Merchandise End Customer Survey

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