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The value of a photo? How about $2.3 million!

Ed Lee
 Jun 28, 2011

There is an ongoing debate about the value of a photograph. It’s been stated as recently as the 6Sight Imaging Conference in San Jose, CA, June 21-22, that the value of a photo is at its highest point right after it is taken and then its value declines rapidly. So, print vendors and retailers need to get consumers to print their photos as soon as possible. However, we’ve said that at some point in time the trend can reverse itself and a photo can increase in value as the image becomes a historic memory. In most cases, it will not exceed its initial value, but there are exceptions. Read more »

Save the Photographs

Jim Hamilton
 Apr 18, 2011

Save the Photographs” is the title of a wonderful song by Fran Landesman that could easily serve as an anthem for the photo merchandise industry. It contains these memorable closing lines:

If you ever find my house on fire
Leave the silver, save the photographs.

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Print Samples from ON DEMAND 2011

Jim Hamilton
 Mar 29, 2011

In this video I discuss a range of print samples that I picked up at ON DEMAND 2011.

Facebook Goes High-Res

Alan Bullock
 Oct 1, 2010

Late yesterday, Facebook, on its blog, announced plans to support “print-quality, high-resolution” photos. Maximum image size will be increased to 2048 pixels on the longest side, up from the current 720-pixel limit, which itself was an improvement from just 604 pixels earlier this year. This is significant news, sending ripples of both opportunity and uncertainty throughout the photo industry. Read more »

Photokina 2010 – End of show thoughts

Other Posts
 Sep 30, 2010

photokina-2010-logoAnother Photokina has been and gone. There was no particular theme that emerged from the show. Perhaps the statement that most vendors made was “we are still here and we are doing okay in spite of the tough times”.

Photokina was smaller than previous years. This year only 6 of the 11 halls were in use. Most notably the massive Hall 10 was empty. Photokina has yet to announce an official number for attendees, but it seemed to us to be fewer people visiting the stands. In an unofficial poll of taxi drivers the consensus was that visitors were down by 50% on 2008. That said, the big brands pulled in the crowds and there were times when it was almost impossible to move around the Canon and Nikon stands. When speaking with exhibitors they seemed generally satisfied with the show. Although Photokina is not as big as in previous years it is pulling in the right crowd of people.

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InfoTrends Wraps Successful PhotoPublishing Summit

Alan Bullock
 Jun 24, 2010
Xerox's Brian Segnit Delivers One of the Keynote Presentations at the 2010 PhotoPublishing Summit

Xerox's Brian Segnit Delivers a Keynote Presentation at the 2010 PhotoPublishing Summit

InfoTrends’ 2010 PhotoPublishing Summit was held last week in Chicago. This event, now in its third year, brings together sponsors, invited VIP guests, and other representatives of print, photo, retail, and other industries to explore opportunities in the rapidly growing market for custom and short-run photo specialty products that help consumers to tell their life stories and businesses to communicate more effectively. Read more »

A picture may be worth a thousand words… but it costs only $2.99!

Carrie Sylvester
 Feb 11, 2009

hotbooklogoA couple weeks ago, I heard of a new service that is bringing the ability to create and print photo books from Facebook. At first look, the Facebook application was not all that exciting, until you notice that HotBook (from HotPrints Ltd.) prints a photo book (16 pages and approximately 50 pictures) for $2.99. Before this application, there was little that could be done with Facebook images other than sharing with friends. For under $4 (including shipping), this is a nice offering for people hoping to do more with their photos on the social networking site.

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