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Four Takeaways from Adobe’s “Summit” Digital Marketing Conference

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 Mar 14, 2013

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Adobe Summit, the company’s flagship user conference for its digital marketing business unit. The Salt Lake City, Utah event attracted over 5,000 digital marketing professionals that use Adobe’s growing suite of marketing technologies. After $4 billion of investment between acquisitions and R&D over the past three years, Adobe used this year’s Summit to introduce the Marketing Cloud, five major solution areas–Social, Media Optimizer, Analytics, Target, Experience Manager–geared toward making marketers more data-driven, customer-centric, and digital.

After presenting 27 somewhat-integrated products at last year’s Summit, Adobe’s vision is coming into focus. It is clear that Adobe is aiming to be a strong competitor in the enterprise marketing technology space, especially as it relates to digital marketing. Here are four takeaways about Adobe’s direction, the marketing technology space, and the evolution of digital marketing derived from developments at its Summit conference.

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Prediction: The Top drupa 2012 Stories

Jim Hamilton
 Apr 18, 2012

I could be wrong. After all, the show doesn’t start for two weeks, but I think these will be the top stories at drupa:

  1. Benny Landa — Whether Landa Labs shows market-ready products or early tech demos doesn’t really matter. This will be a drupa remembered for the show that Benny Landa put on. Is it ready for prime time? We won’t know until May. One mystery that should be solved by then is why their press releases refer to “ink ejectors” rather than inkjet heads (like every other inkjet system vendor does). Could it be that they are doing something different than using inkjet heads to apply ink to paper? Wait and see. Read more »

Another Look at Corporate Greeting Cards

Jim Hamilton
 Jan 24, 2012

Last year around this time I reviewed all of the corporate greeting cards I received over the holiday season. I’m at it again this year and cover such diverse topics as colored signatures; recycled paper, FSC, and other green initiatives; text & image personalization; QR codes; printing on the envelope; metallics & pearlescents; special effects like dimensional printing; and non-card items such as calendars, menus, photo books. I also rant about electronic greeting cards that come with insincere tag lines like: “In our appreciation for the environment, we chose to send you our holiday wishes electronically.” Baloney! Face it, you’re just lazy and trying to hide your cheapness in an eco-green candy coating. If you really care, send me a physical card next year. My address is Jim Hamilton, 97 Libbey Industrial Parkway, Suite 300, Weymouth, Massachusetts 02189, USA.

Niiu, the First Individualised Printed Newspaper, Ceases Production

Ralf Schlozer
 Jan 21, 2011

Niiu, the first and most high-profile individualised printed newspaper, ceased printing and distributing its newspaper. I covered the first steps of niiu almost exactly one year ago in two blog posts (available at The personalised newspaper is here and The personalised newspaper followe up) .
On 19 January 2011, Inter-Ti, the publisher of the niiu, stopped printing and distributing the newspaper. Niiu’s e-paper issue also ceased publication. According to Inter-Ti, the primary reasons for ceasing production included the failure to attract sufficient subscribers and the high cost of distribution. Niiu’s publishers set themselves a target of 5,000 subscribers, but they missed this goal.

It is sad to see the trial end, although it is not entirely unexpected for the first attempt to change a paradigm. I felt there were several shortcomings in the implementation, primarily in the composition process of the personalised paper (e.g., missing content, too little possibilities to fine-tune content, breaking of articles across pages, not enough content personalisation options, and no personalisation of ads. Sadly, I did not have the opportunity to check whether these challenges had been overcome until now.

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The Personalised Newspaper is here

Ralf Schlozer
 Jan 12, 2010

On the 16th of November the first personalised newspaper went live in Berlin. Its name ‘niiu’ is also a reminder that we embark on something new here. Long have been the discussions on producing a personalised printed newspaper, but it took some youthful outsiders to the industry to take the charge. It is too early to judge a commercial success, but it is surely interesting to have a look at how the personalised newspaper is achieved.
There are several things a subscriber can personalise with niiu. First the subscriber can add some gimmicks to the first page, like giving the paper a self selected title and motto or add a personal picture. More useful is a weather forecast info box for a town you can select and a stock chart. For the different sections of the newspaper the subscriber can select editorial content from a set of newspapers. Moreover he can choose how many pages he wants from any paper, he can even choose content from several papers for the same section or skip sections altogether. The range of newspaper supplying editorial content rank from the yellow press (like Bild and BZ) to the more reputable papers like a leading German financial paper (Handelsblatt). The geographic spread covers local German papers from cities as Berlin to less well known places as Osnabrück and includes international papers such as the New York Times, Washington Times or the Komsomolskaya Pravda. For example a subscriber can choose the title page from the a leading national paper, add the local pages for Berlin and one page from the town his family lives in, combined with the economy section of a leading financial magazine, the New York times culture pages (for the next trip to the big apple) and the sports section from a more cheerful & colourful paper.

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Obama’s Loss Traced to Matt Swain

Matt Swain
 Oct 24, 2008

There was a time when personalized direct marketing meant that the person’s name was inkjetted onto an offset shell for a direct mail piece. The industry has come a long way from there in print, and that personalization has expanded its reach to video. As with the early stages of print personalization, there are varying levels of video personalization implementation at this point. Some personalization service providers even draw from extensive voice recorded databases to enable the recipient’s name to be spoken (with authentic intonations) during the video.

I recently received an email from a colleague with a link to a video. It turns out that Obama lost the presidential race by one vote – mine.

The video is an excellent example of how variable data can be used to captivate an audience. It kept me intrigued throughout, wondering where my name would appear next. Consequently, the video has gained some great viral traction.

If I do not vote (either way), I will have a guilty conscience due to this video.

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