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Xerox Annual Partner Conference

Randall Dazo
 Apr 15, 2010

Xerox recently held it’s annual partner conference where they brought together the production and office solutions partners for the first time. Last year Xerox made significant shifts to their business by internally combining their office and production groups breaking down these silos of their business. With that change also came bringing two separate partner groups together, office and production as one business unit. Leading this new group is Elizabeth Fox, Vice President, Solutions Business Team. The conference on the partner side consisted of about 1/3 production peripheral/accessories companies, 1/3 production solutions and 1/3 office solutions vendors. Xerox personnel consisted of partner program members and various sales organizations from around the world. Read more »

Post-Recession Partnerships

Other Posts
 Aug 11, 2009

Walk into virtually any Barnes and Noble bookstore and chances are you’ll see a Starbucks. Head into a Stop&Shop and you can grab yourself a “medium regulah” from Dunkin Donuts and a video rental from RedBox after you’re done grocery shopping (much to the chagrin of BlockBuster Video, which is often next door). These partnerships make so much sense, we often forget the number of billable hours that go into these corporate-level contracts. The “book store” or “grocery store” experience is far too adjacent to coffee consumption and video rentals for vendors not to take notice of incremental revenue possibilities.

But partnerships in the post-recession era are about far more than incremental revenue. Read more »

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