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HP’s enterprise ink series: positioning & key features

Christine Dunne Dunne
 Apr 14, 2014

HP is targeting its new page-wide business inkjet series towards the “enterprise,” which the company defines as “large” organizations with solutions needs around manageability, security, extensibility, etc. In addition, HP suggests the devices are intended for groups of 5 to 15 users who print up to 6,000 pages per month.

Positioning of new HP Officejet Enterprise X series

The new Officejet Enterprise X line incorporates features and functionality that go beyond the capabilities of the Officejet Pro X series, including more robust scanning, embedded OCR, a pull-out keyboard, a larger touchscreen, customizable job shortcuts, full solutions capability, and a secure hard disk. It is clear these features were included with the needs of larger businesses in mind.

However, the positioning of these devices as “enterprise” is likely something that is going to prove subjective, especially as the definition of “enterprise” often varies from one vendor to another. Read more »

HP expands further into business inkjet with new enterprise devices

Christine Dunne Dunne
 Mar 25, 2014

In spring 2013 HP shook up the office printing industry with the introduction of the Officejet Pro X page-wide business inkjet devices. This spring HP is going further and has launched an enterprise version of the Officejet Pro X series.

Design of HP's new Officejet Enterprise Color MFPs/single-function printers

InfoTrends has taken a keen interest in the development of the business inkjet category. A global study revealed that laser users were willing to accept the idea of inkjet technology in the office more readily than perhaps many in the industry previously realized. It is therefore with great interest that we have received one of the new models to test in our own office. Read more »

Now that the Officejet Pro X is available, what’s it like?

Christine Dunne Dunne
 Mar 18, 2013

Part five: Overall experience

Over the last month or so, I have blogged about my experience using HP’s new Officejet Pro X576dw MFP; I’ve also discussed my colleagues’ first impressions of the new page-wide inkjet device. The purpose of this activity has been to evaluate what it’s like using the device day-to-day in a typical office–not to provide a technical review of the product.

Officejet Pro X576dw

On the whole, my colleagues and I have been very happy with our experience of the MFP. Not only was the device easy to handle, unpack, set up, and use, but it is delivering output at the level we require for more than 10 users. Granted, most of these users are not printing every day, but it has been reassuring to find that the X576dw can function perfectly well as a primary print device in our environment.

The purpose of this fifth and final blog post is to provide an overview of InfoTrends’ experience using the MFP. We will highlight what we consider to be the key advantages of the product as well as some areas where things could perhaps be improved a little. Read more »

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