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In the News – July 15th

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 Jul 15, 2011

InfoTrends is frequently asked to provide quotes and data for leading news outlets. Here are just some of the recent stories that InfoTrends information has been featured in: Read more »

Defining the Mobile Knowledge Worker

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 Jan 24, 2011

Mobile knowledge workers are arguably the fastest-growing segment of today’s office workforce. InfoTrends anticipates significant changes in how and where mobile knowledge workers create, access, collaborate, print, and perform many information-based business processes.  But what is a mobile knowledge worker? InfoTrends recently completed a major multi-client study looking at emerging opportunities in the mobile knowledge worker environment. One of the key challenges was defining what a mobile knowledge worker is. First, we started with defining a knowledge worker. Read more »

HP Extends Its MES Offerings

Randall Dazo
 Apr 23, 2010

On April 20, HP made a few new announcements to help strengthen its Managed Enterprise Services (MES) offering to its customers. HP has been offering Managed Print services through its direct organization for almost 4 years now. HP executives say that the company currently has approximately 2,500 customers and is managing approximately 18.5 billion pages under HP MPS programs. Back in September of 2009, HP formally named its program Managed Enterprise Services, in which executives reinforced the company’s Optimize, Manage, and Improve Workflow strategies with new solutions and an extended alliance with longtime partner Canon. This alliance was reinforced with an announcement made last week between HP, Canon, and Fedex Office. This new offering will bring about 12,000 devices into 1,800 locations where customers will be able to utilize these print and output solutions in a near site location. Read more »

The Impact of the Economy on Digital Print Volume

Jim Hamilton
 Apr 28, 2009

One of the major questions for our industry in the wake of the economic downturn is: “What impact does this have on the digital print volume?” A partial answer to that question came at Xerox’s financial analyst briefing on Friday (April 24, 2009). In discussing its first quarter 2009 numbers Xerox provided information on its post-sale revenues. This revenue is driven largely by supplies and service for digital print products, which, of course, would be impacted by a drop in print volume.

Three months ago when discussing its fourth quarter 2008 results, Xerox was not ready to admit the extent of print volume declines. The issue, Xerox said, was masked to some degree by the channel’s inventory of supplies. Maybe in these tough economic times users were choosing to stockpile fewer consumables and waiting longer to reorder. If a shift in inventory levels was happening, then print volumes might not be dropping. With another quarter under its belt Xerox acknowledges that print volumes indeed are down.

The main headline in regard to Xerox’s first quarter financial results is that there was an 18% drop in revenue from Q1 2008 to Q1 2009. Some of the impact of the drop was from currency exchange, but even accounting for that the drop was 12%. Post-sale revenue was down 14% (only 8% under constant currency). Xerox attributed this to lower supplies and paper revenue. Equipment revenue was down 30% (26% under constant currency). Read more »

No more MOSS – Microsoft SharePoint 2010!

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 Apr 15, 2009

Chris Capossela, senior vice president of Microsoft’s Information Worker Product Management Group, answered a Q/A today about Microsoft’s next generation of Office products. You can find the official release here and the corresponding explanation on the SharePoint team blog here.

Product Roadmap:

Exchange 2010 – entering beta today; available in 2H 2009
Office 2010 –”tech preview” in Q309; release to manufacturing in 1H 2010
SharePoint 2010 – no more “Office” branding

Other product hints from the interview: Read more »

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