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Kodak GUA Day 1: The Importance of User Groups

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 Apr 12, 2010

The annual Kodak GUA (Graphic Users Association) conference is taking place this week, April 11-14, in Vancouver, BC. I am lucky enough to be here in attendance as a media/journalist member and participant in one of the K-Zone sessions. I don’t often get the chance to come to user group meetings and interact with print service providers. Here are a few of my thoughts as the first day comes to a close.

The user group experience continues to be one of utmost importance to those in attendance. Talking with print service providers attending the event it is no surprise as to why they are here. Participants are given the opportunity to speak with like minded individuals at varying stages in technology implementations. They are able to gain valuable insight, discuss issues, and be reassured that the paths they are taking are those leading them in the right direction.

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What If People Actually Showed Up? A Report from ON DEMAND 2009

Jim Hamilton
 Apr 3, 2009

ON DEMAND 2009 opened among concerns about the economy and how that would impact the turnout. Some predicted truly anemic attendance. Though no attendance figures are available yet to verify this, my observation is that attendance on the ON DEMAND show floor and at the conference was quite good. In speaking with many exhibitors over the past three days, the general reaction is that booth traffic was better than they had expected and that the show was providing good leads. Some of this can be attributed to this year’s move to Philadelphia from Boston, which makes it easier for attendees from Washington and New York to attend. Read more »

“In 2 years, we won’t have laptops anymore”

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 Nov 19, 2008

Thus spoke Open Text CEO John Shackleton at the opening keynote for Open Text’s 2008 user conference, aptly named Content World. Those of you working with Open Text are likely more familiar with the “LiveLinkUp” event of the past, which was renamed this year to promote the ‘one voice, one vision’ theme. In line with this shift, I’ve found that a few product lines are moving towards a single-brand identity, with the (former) Red Dot Web content management (WCM) solution being referred to more often as WCM for LiveLink.

So maybe Mr. Shackleton is a little off in his perceived timing for this next evolution of information technology, and more than likely, this was a rhetorical statement. Then again, for those who saw InfoTrends’ President Jeff Hayes’ keynote at ODS, we all know “the cloud” and “mobile” are coming. Read more »

ODS Follow-up: Continuing our SharePoint conversations…

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 Nov 14, 2008

For those of you that attended our SharePoint keynote panel yesterday morning, I wanted to reach out and offer the opportunity to continue the conversation. Unfortunately, we ran a little bit over the allotted time and didn’t have the chance to address audience questions (nor several of my own). So that said, feel free to e-mail me directly, or post some questions/comments under this post. I’ll follow-up with our panel and post their responses here!

Based on what we heard during the keynote, it seems SharePoint could be a real disruptor for our markets and especially important as the convergence of hardware and software (and of workgroup and enterprise solutions) comes to fruition. The Microsoft ecosystem could be an ‘in’ for hardware manufacturers, workgroup ISVs, as well as enterprise ISVs to approach end-to-end solutions in a truly process-centric manner. Read more »

Live from ODS – Wednesday morning re-cap

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 Nov 12, 2008

The Sheraton Mahwah was bustling this morning… opening our Office Document Strategy conference was InfoTrends Group Director Jon Reardon, who provided an overview of industry megatrends for 2008 and 2009. In addition to hardware-centric trends, he emphasized the on-going convergence of the hardware and software spaces across enterprise and workgroup-level solutions. He also positioned the importance of building community in today’s B2B markets. The short story on the latter– your customers and partners are talking, so why not own and leverage the venue for this conversation?

Following Mr. Reardon was InfoTrends’ top dog and President Jeff Hayes, who provided an in-depth look at current economic conditions and their effect on our industry, including some very compelling and recent primary research. I highly recommend reviewing the associated analysis that was discussed, available here (for clients).

Completing the morning session was a keynote by Xerox Office Group President Rick Dastin, whose theme was moving from red oceans to blue oceans. Leveraging video interviews of successful managed print and EIP (platform) solution partners, Mr. Dastin provided a solid call-to-action for vendors and the channel to deliver the next level of added value. Stay tuned for more!

InfoTrends’ Office Document Strategy (ODS) Conference

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 Nov 11, 2008

Several InfoTrends directors and analysts will be at this year’s Office Document Strategy conference, which is being held this week (Wednesday and Thursday!) at the Sheraton Mahwah in Mahwah, NJ. We’ve got a poignant selection of speakers and sessions lined up to address issues ranging from document solutions and managed print services to SharePoint and environmental sustainability. Of course, InfoTrends will also be presenting its most recent research and market analysis as well as answering any questions you may have. Those of you that will be local should definitely consider registering and coming by! For those that absolutely can’t make make it, don’t fret — I’ll be posting from the show daily, so keep your newsreaders locked on the InfoBlog.

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