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BYOD: Bring-Your-Own-Device to Work…But Don’t Expect Much Security

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 Jun 24, 2011

Consumerization of IT is one of the major forces shifting the way office workers and organizations operate. Although still in its infancy, we can already see the effects of consumers bringing in personal devices and using personal online services within the workplace. And thanks to tech-savvy Generation Y’ers and Z’ers (born with iPod-in-hand), the consumerization-of-IT trend is only going to grow, and rapidly at that.

Because PCs have been the standard computing device for quite some time, an organization’s IT department is able to easily administer access and information between a desktop computer and a company network. Today, the line differentiating work devices and personal devices is rather fuzzy, and the line between how those devices are used is even fuzzier. An organization’s IT department now has to juggle multiple mobile devices where the majority of them are not company-owned. Read more »

Defining the Mobile Knowledge Worker

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 Jan 24, 2011

Mobile knowledge workers are arguably the fastest-growing segment of today’s office workforce. InfoTrends anticipates significant changes in how and where mobile knowledge workers create, access, collaborate, print, and perform many information-based business processes.  But what is a mobile knowledge worker? InfoTrends recently completed a major multi-client study looking at emerging opportunities in the mobile knowledge worker environment. One of the key challenges was defining what a mobile knowledge worker is. First, we started with defining a knowledge worker. Read more »

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