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What’s in a name?

Ed Lee
 Apr 25, 2011

A short term challenge that the digital camera industry has not addressed is standardizing on what to call the new crop of interchangeable lens cameras. Technically, they don’t qualify as Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras because they do not contain a mirror box. Mirrorless camera is a term that is currently being used by many, but it is not a name that we think will stand the test of time.

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Photokina 2010 – End of show thoughts

Other Posts
 Sep 30, 2010

photokina-2010-logoAnother Photokina has been and gone. There was no particular theme that emerged from the show. Perhaps the statement that most vendors made was “we are still here and we are doing okay in spite of the tough times”.

Photokina was smaller than previous years. This year only 6 of the 11 halls were in use. Most notably the massive Hall 10 was empty. Photokina has yet to announce an official number for attendees, but it seemed to us to be fewer people visiting the stands. In an unofficial poll of taxi drivers the consensus was that visitors were down by 50% on 2008. That said, the big brands pulled in the crowds and there were times when it was almost impossible to move around the Canon and Nikon stands. When speaking with exhibitors they seemed generally satisfied with the show. Although Photokina is not as big as in previous years it is pulling in the right crowd of people.

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Digital Interchangeable Lens Cameras: A Niche Opportunity in a Maturing Market

Eve Padula
 Jul 19, 2010

InfoTrends has been conducting end-user surveys to track the adoption and usage of digital cameras for over a decade. Our research indicates that digital cameras are now fully entrenched in the mainstream market. Thanks to falling prices and ever-improving technologies, just about anyone who is interested in owning a digital camera can now find something in their price range.

Many point & shoot camera models with features and functions that will far exceed the needs of casual photographers are currently offered for prices well below $100. At the other end of the spectrum are digital interchangeable lens cameras, which offer much more advanced features, manual controls, and considerably higher price points.

In June 2010, InfoTrends completed a comprehensive study entitled Digital SLRs and Other Interchangeable Lens Cameras: A Multi-Client Study. This study included a survey of 6,406 consumers. Of these, 1,648 individuals qualified as digital interchangeable lens camera owners (some of which were mirrorless hybrid camera owners). The results of this survey provided some interesting insights about the typical digital interchangeable lens camera owner of today. Read more »

Sony Alpha NEX-3 & NEX-5: DSLR functionality & versatility in the palm of your hand

Carrie Sylvester
 May 11, 2010

sony-nex-5In a move to bring DSLR-like functionality in an easy to use and carry form, Sony has introduced two new interchangeable lens cameras — the NEX-3 and NEX-5. The name hints that Sony sees these cameras as the next generation of cameras, they are mirrorless hybrid cameras the size of a typical high-end point and shoot camera. The removal of the bulky mirror box, as found in DSLRs, gives it a smaller form factor that can fit in the palm of a hand. The company reports that the camera bodies are just about an inch thick at their slimmest point.

Point and shoot cameras are the most popularly used camera in the consumer market today. Sony is banking on that familiarity and hopes these new cameras won’t intimidate the average photographer. These cameras are designed to appeal to the everyday snapshooter and the advanced amateur, as well. Many consumers want the performance and quality of a DSLR but in a more portable size. Although not “pocketable” they certainly are more portable and something one can carry with them in a purse or jacket pocket. Read more »

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