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Eight Print Sample Videos from Graph Expo 2015

Jim Hamilton
 Sep 28, 2015

I’ve recorded eight short videos (each is between two and five minutes long) that highlight some interesting print samples from Graph Expo 2015:

I hope you enjoy these. I’ll be adding some more Read more »

Another Look at Corporate Greeting Cards

Jim Hamilton
 Jan 24, 2012

Last year around this time I reviewed all of the corporate greeting cards I received over the holiday season. I’m at it again this year and cover such diverse topics as colored signatures; recycled paper, FSC, and other green initiatives; text & image personalization; QR codes; printing on the envelope; metallics & pearlescents; special effects like dimensional printing; and non-card items such as calendars, menus, photo books. I also rant about electronic greeting cards that come with insincere tag lines like: “In our appreciation for the environment, we chose to send you our holiday wishes electronically.” Baloney! Face it, you’re just lazy and trying to hide your cheapness in an eco-green candy coating. If you really care, send me a physical card next year. My address is Jim Hamilton, 97 Libbey Industrial Parkway, Suite 300, Weymouth, Massachusetts 02189, USA.

Keeping Up with MGI

Jim Hamilton
 Jul 8, 2011

I’ve been following MGI since the 1990s when I first ran across the company at the On Demand show. I’ve always been impressed by their development capabilities, which have allowed them to integrate a wide range of features into their devices. Whether it’s the ability to print on multiple substrates; larger formats for digital printing or finishing; or their recent expansion into inkjet products for printing and coating, the company’s products have an impressive feature set. In addition, MGI’s expanded distribution network is bringing products like its Meteor family, EnvelopExpress, DF360, PressCard Pro, PunchCard Pro, JETcard, JETvarnish, and UVarnish to a much wider audience.

MGI Meteor DP8700 XL

MGI Meteor DP8700 XL

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