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2016 Camera Wrap-Up

Carrie Sylvester
 Dec 6, 2016

IlovecamerasFor the last several years we have done a year-end round up of the cameras that were introduced. It’s always an interesting exercise to take a look back on what features and technologies vendors have chosen to feature in their products.

57 models were introduced between January and December of 2016. Although 57 models is a respectable number, it is a marked drop compared to the 72 models introduced in 2015 and significantly fewer than 2014 when 98 models hit the U.S. market. (Source: InfoTrends U.S. Camera Model Tracker**). Although there were fewer models released this year, there is no shortage of cameras for those looking to buy or upgrade.

We have broken out the introductions by popular features and functions, including Wi-Fi connectivity and mirrorless. Read more »

LeEco Introduces Le Pro3 & Le S3 Smartphones to America

Carrie Sylvester
 Nov 30, 2016

LeEcoLeEco is already established in China, but is bringing its products to North America for the first time, with what it hopes to be market disruptive pricing. In November, a pair of new smartphones (Ecophones) were introduced by LeEco, the Le Pro3 and Le S3.  Read more »

The Nokia PureView 808 – Welcome Super Pixels!

Carrie Sylvester
 Jul 18, 2012

Nokia PureView 808

Nokia set the mobile photography world all aflutter with talk of its PureView 808 smartphone, which was introduced at the Mobile World Congress in February 2012. The PureView 808 leapt over the competition, which tops out at 8-12 MP on the high-end cameras, to capture photos at up to 41 MPs. The camera combines a larger sized image sensor (1/1.2″), with software algorithm magic (Nokia-developed pixel over-sampling technology), and a lens designed by Carl Zeiss to deliver crisp clear mobile photos.

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Camera Phone Photography: There’s More to a Good Photo than Megapixels!

Carrie Sylvester
 Apr 22, 2009

cellphone-sheep22These days, it’s difficult to find a mobile handset or smartphone that does not feature an embedded camera. In the early days of camera phone technology, the embedded cameras typically offered VGA quality (300k pixels). By 2007, the typical resolution was between 1 and 2 megapixels. These days, the average falls somewhere in the 2-3 megapixel range. In my 2008 camera phone forecast, I stated that “Since the introduction of camera phones, consumers have been demanding higher resolution. Although, “higher resolution” does not necessarily mean “better” pictures, in the case of camera phones, low-resolution certainly means low quality images.”

When I was evaluating my camera phone upgrade options, the photo enthusiast in me won out over the analytic part of myself. I’m a DSLR user, but I wanted a mobile device with a quality camera that included some smarter features than my old RAZR. After selecting the 5-megapixel Samsung Behold, however, I was promptly reminded that a good camera phone photo requires much more than just megapixels.


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