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Building a Modern Media Company: Lessons from MediaNext

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 Jan 17, 2013

Many magazine publishers continue to face challenges in diversifying their revenue mix beyond print advertising, leveraging social media to engage with new audiences, and distributing & monetizing their publications across a growing array of mobile platforms. Last week’s MediaNext Show in New York City–a magazine media industry conference put on by FOLIO Magazine–tried to address these issues by tapping a substantial number of seasoned digital media experts for keynotes and sessions aimed to spark to help provide perspective on how magazine publishers can effectively compete in a marketplace that is increasingly digital and continuously evolving.

The event’s first keynote speaker–James Bankoff, Chairman and CEO of Vox Media, which is a pure-play digital media company that operates the SB Nation, The Verge, and Polygon properties–gave an insightful talk about building a modern media company. He outlined a number of key elements that drive the success of Vox’s properties, such as focusing on great design, being able to scale rapidly, hiring great talent to deliver high-quality content, and relying heavily on technology support real-time responsiveness and innovation–for editorial and advertising. According to Mr. Bankoff, Vox Media’s revenue is 95% ad-based, and he believes that its approach to adopting native advertising delivers greater value (and results) to advertisers compared to programmatic buying that publishers have less control over. Read more »

LinkedIn Stock Soars – What Does This Mean For The Print Production Software Market?

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 May 20, 2011

Earlier this week, the news came out that LinkedIn is worth close to $3 billion dollars under the terms of an initial public offering. After the first trading day, stock soared to a $94 dollar closing price, valuing the company at $8.9 billion.

To put this in perspective, Kodak’s market cap is around one billion dollars. And when Océ was acquired, the company was worth around $1.1 billion.

Kodak and Océ have a long and rich history, and generate multi-billion revenues on a yearly basis. LinkedIn only started in 2002 and last year’s revenues were less than $250 million.

It’s very hard not to think back at the dot-com hype when Internet start-ups were seen as the new gold and stock prices went off the charts. Although it’s likely there will be elements of speculation in the current stock price – the next months will tell – the situation is different this time. Read more »

What’s Your LinkedIn Number?

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 Mar 25, 2011

Earlier today, I received a mass e-mail from Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, thanking me for being among the first one million members. Out of all e-mails that I receive on a daily basis, this message actually attracted my attention.

Apparently, my LinkedIn member number is 607,452. This isn’t bad at all… especially for a social network that surpassed 100 million members this month. I can’t recall exactly when I joined LinkedIn, but I’m guessing that it was in early 2004 (right around the time I joined InfoTrends as a new MBA graduate). Reid Hoffman officially launched LinkedIn during May 2003. Read more »

facebook friday

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 Jan 2, 2009

I wanted to relate an observation I had over the holidays, namely the seasonality of social networking sites such as facebook and LinkedIn. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve received numerous friend requests from seemingly new facebook members  — long lost colleagues from high school and college, old girl friends with new surnames, and the excited-to-finally-be-“with it” relatives. If there’s a dynamic between physical and digital social networks that deserves to be examined, gathering around the holidays should be a great data point.

I used Google Insights for Search — a free search trends tool — to see if there had really been a spike in traffic. Sure enough, this graph shows a definitive jump in  facebook searches slightly lagging the 3 major U.S. holidays, which started on 12/21, 12/25, and 12/26. If you look closely, Thanksgiving gatherings may have played a role in a traffic spike as well, although not as dramatically. Of course, this analysis only reflects searches, but we can assume that actual hit rates followed a similar path. You can roll back the clock to see similar trends, but keep in mind facebook was still in its infancy (and we rarely had the perfect storm of Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanzaa within 10 days of New Year’s). Read more »

Customer Data Mining and Psalm 139

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 Nov 7, 2008

I picked up a copy of Ian Ayres’ Super Crunchers: Why Thinking-by-Numbers is the New Way to Be Smart on my way home from Indy last night… and couldn’t put it down. The book investigates the use of data mining in business culture– from’s recommendations to eHarmony’s marriage-making algorithms. But most interesting to me was the book’s investigation of the ethics of data mining: will large organizations have an unfair upper hand thanks to all this super crunching? will consumers suffer as a result? or do consumers have an opportunity to turn the tables on vendor algorithms (e.g. Give it a read, and let me know what you think! Read more »

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