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Pre-Screening the Future: Display Week 2012

Alan Bullock
 Jun 11, 2012

The Society for Information Display held its annual Display Week trade show June 5-7 in Boston, MA. InfoTrends attended the show to learn about new technologies that may soon make their way into devices that will be used for viewing and sharing consumers’ photos and videos. Here are a few of the more interesting things that we saw: Read more »

Japan Earthquake Rocks the Digital Camera Market

Ed Lee
 Mar 15, 2011

The 9.0 magnitude earthquake of March 11, 2011 has wreaked havoc with all aspects of the Japanese economy, and the digital imaging industry will not be immune to the immediate and long lasting repercussions. Even though many digital imaging companies were not directly affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, they will certainly be affected by the disruptions to the Japanese power and transportation infrastructure and their supply chains.

One company directly affected is Nikon who has digital camera and lenses manufacturing sites in the Sendai area. Nikon produces its professional grade DSLR bodies, the D700, D3s, and D3x cameras, in its Sendai factory, just south of Sendai in Natori and about four miles from the coastline. The area was hard hit by the high walls of water but it is reported that the Nikon plant just suffered some building and equipment damage as well as injuries to some employees (satellite photos show that the water did not make it that far inland, though the water did reach up to six miles inland in other areas). With the destruction that the tsunami left in its wake, there will certainly be issues with personnel, power, water, components, and transportation that will directly impact this plant and others across Japan. Nikon is not able to say when the factory will reopen. Read more »

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