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2013: A Turning Point for Inkjet in Production

Jim Hamilton
 Dec 10, 2013
Though inkjet has been a hot topic since 2008 (remember the ‘inkjet’ drupa?), it is hard to underestimate the continuing impact inkjet is having across all areas of the graphic arts. I think 2013 marks an interesting turning point. Inkjet is everywhere from document printing to labels & packaging to decorative to functional and 3D printing.

Gartner Hype Cycle

3D printing had to be one of the most talked about topics of 2013 and jetting technologies are the key behind many 3D printing implementations (though in this case they are jetting materials rather than inks). That being said, in my opinion 3D printing has reached what Gartner likes to call the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’ and others have described as ‘Irrational Exuberance.’ The way some people talk about 3D printing you’d think that before long you’ll be 3D printing your beer complete with the bottle (with a label on the outside and a cap on top).

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Landa Lifts Curtain Just a Bit: “Nanography” “NanoInks” at drupa 2012

Bob Leahey
 Apr 9, 2012

Analysts predicting the developments at drupa 2012 have fixated on Landa Corporation of Israel, the technology developer headed by Benny Landa, the founder of Indigo. Landa publicized its planned drupa booth back in January, but did not reveal much, except to say the company would have a really new technology on display, ostensibly a jetting method that would rely on specialized inks and be a highly economic and productive method for use in commercial, packaging, and publishing markets. On April 2 the company revealed a bit more, by making the following points: Read more »

From the Signage & Graphics Summit

Other Posts
 Jan 26, 2009

Sustainability was one of the lead topics at today’s Signage & Graphics Summit in San Diego, CA. Dr. Chris Laszlo, author of “Sustainable Value: How the World’s Leading Companies Are Doing Well by Doing Good”, described how sustainability is part of the new competitive environment and that companies in the printing industry must build environmental intelligence into wide format signage and graphics products. Citing examples from Wal-mart which famously is factoring sustainability into much of the packaging and in-store signage and displays it buys, Laszlo recommended that signage and graphics providers, and the suppliers to these service providers, consider sustainability as a fundamental characteristic of the products they design and manufacture.

On a different note, new research on sustainability in the signage and graphics market from InfoTrends and ST Publications indicates that there are substantial barriers to adopting sustainable business practices for many print service providers. The end-user research was done in December of 2008 and it identifies the top challenges for print service providers in the signage and graphics market in going green;

1. they don’t have the time to research and implement sustainable processes

2. they see a lack of demand from print buyers for “green” print

3. there is a lack of sustainable print media products and options, and

4. so far, print buyers have rejected the “premium” costs for green print.

Manufacturers of equipment and print media for the signage and graphics market should focus on the economic value proposition of the materials they provide. Users here at the Signage and Graphics Summit mostly agree that the current economy in the U.S. is presenting additional challenges for companies considering investing in new equipment and supplies for “greener” process because print buyers are even more price sensitive than usual.

InfoTrends will be publishing this research in the next week.

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