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Office Depot and OfficeMax Announce Merger of Equals

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 Feb 21, 2013
Rumored for some time, Office Depot and OfficeMax announced that the companies would be merging with the goal of creating a stronger and more efficient combined company. While retail has been the office superstores primary and original mode of business, the three top chains, Office Depot, OfficeMax, and Staples, are all finding that their business has been evolving away from retail towards the Internet and business to business (B2B). As a result, the chains have been altering their strategy towards smaller stores and making greater investments in e-commerce initiatives. We believe that for electronics and high value supplies like ink and toner, Internet is creating great stress on retail. The truth of the matter is that with the proliferation of tablets and smart phones, people are spending more time with their devices and less time visiting a store. Also, adding to the competitive pressure for the superstores, Walmart and other mass merchandiser types are a one-stop-shop and now carry wide range of office supplies.
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Print and Zombies

Jim Hamilton
 Nov 5, 2012

Somehow, zombies have crept into the debate about the value of print. Below are three recent examples of how print and zombies have been connected in some fashion on the Internet.

  1. Why Print Books Are Like Zombies — This blog is actually about digital rights management, but the point is that printed books live on and on (in your bookshelves, your attic, your basement, etc.). They never die. Nor can they be taken away from you by the publisher after you’ve bought them.
  2. Print Zombie — Is Print Dead? — This blog examines the future of print. It’s called Print Zombie because “Everyone knows if something dies, it just comes back stronger as a Zombie!”
  3. And my favorite: Print versus Digital — Who Survives the Zombies? — This imaginative and hilarious infographic provides compelling facts to support the theory that print is much better suited to survive a zombie attack.

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Prediction: The Top drupa 2012 Stories

Jim Hamilton
 Apr 18, 2012

I could be wrong. After all, the show doesn’t start for two weeks, but I think these will be the top stories at drupa:

  1. Benny Landa — Whether Landa Labs shows market-ready products or early tech demos doesn’t really matter. This will be a drupa remembered for the show that Benny Landa put on. Is it ready for prime time? We won’t know until May. One mystery that should be solved by then is why their press releases refer to “ink ejectors” rather than inkjet heads (like every other inkjet system vendor does). Could it be that they are doing something different than using inkjet heads to apply ink to paper? Wait and see. Read more »

Now google that – Google in the news

Ralf Schlozer
 Dec 3, 2010

As one of the foremost companies in one of the foremost growth industries, Google seems to be constantly in the press, but this week their news has been especially prolific. And interestingly three of the announcements taken together could have an impact on the printing industry. In detail they were:
– Google to move into the ebook market at end of year
– Google ramps up anti-piracy measures
– EU launches Google antitrust investigation

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Broadband Mandate: The Demise of Transaction Print in Finland?

Matt Swain
 Jul 1, 2010

An article on CNN today reported on Finland’s new law offering broadband service at an affordable price. In an interview with a CNN correspondent,  Finnish communications minister Suvi Linden explained that the move “…is not for entertainment [purposes], it’s day-to-day life, and through this kind of e-services, of course, we are looking forward [to] more efficiency and more productivity [in] public services.” She goes on to cite Internet banking as a key motivator for the law. “In the 1990’s we had the bank crisis in Finland, and after that, the banks started to offer banking [via the] Internet, and at this moment 86% of…all bank clients are using Internet banking…”

This is a drastic move that will serve as an excellent case study on consumer and provider behavior in regards to electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP). It will likely help answer a few common questions in this industry: Read more »

Web-Enabled Print with HP Innovation

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 Dec 12, 2008

The Open Innovation Forum is a new HP initiative focused on sharing new HP projects with members of the analyst, educational, and business communities. As part of the innovation initiative, HP has comprised eight teams that focus on addressing major technology problems in today’s consumer, office, and production environments. The first of an ongoing series of open innovation forums for analysts was held as Webinar earlier today and I thought I’d share a few of the new ideas coming from HP:

  1. HP + Social Media: In October, HP announced that it was teaming up with MySpace to build a “print” button in to all MySpace pages, making it easy for any of the 120 million MySpace users to print photos. HP Photo Cube technology will enable users to create prints, photo books, or gifts from any of the 400 billion photos posted on the site. The new relationship enables MySpace to provide a streamlined method of printing for users and HP hopes to become synonymous with MySpace photos by managing all of the printed output. It’s still unclear who will produce the printed collateral that is ordered through the site.
  2. MagCloud — Publishing for the Masses: This new Web application brings publishers, consumers, and printers together in an effort to streamline the publishing process for short-run magazines. Publishers upload a PDF and pay Read more »

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