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Ricoh National Dealer Meeting – Convergence 2010

Randall Dazo
 Apr 27, 2010

Sparing no expense, Ricoh held its annual dealer conference at the beautiful Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada during April 19th-22nd. This was the first time that Ricoh brought together the Ricoh Family Group indirect channels and also the first chance to meet the new IKON leadership of the company. Making a great impression was something Ricoh had to do. Ricoh traditionally held separate events for its Ricoh, Savin, and Lanier channels. Because of the major transitions at the helm of Ricoh Americas and Ricoh US, however, it made sense to address all groups at once at an event themed Convergence 2010. Read more »

The Use of ALL CAPS to shout out PRODUCT NAMES

Jim Hamilton
 Oct 9, 2009

Sometimes when marketing professionals name new products, they shout them from the page by putting the name in ALL CAPS. Writing something in all capitals, whether in an e-mail or in print, has the effect of drawing attention to that word. That’s fair from a marketing perspective, but I suspect I speak for the press and analyst community when I say that this is annoying, and therefore I avoid using the all caps versions whenever possible.

The latest product to take advantage of this trend is Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE (capitalized as the company proposes). The name “imageRUNNER” didn’t bother me so much because it combined capitals and lower case letters. Now that Canon has decided to maintain the old imageRUNNER branding with the new platform, it has added Advance (all in caps) to the name. The written shorthand for imageRUNNER is iR. Does that make the Advance products iRA? Writers will likely move to that contraction in an effort to avoid all of the shouting capitals. Read more »

Did Kodak Say It Was Going to Divest NexPress? No!

Jim Hamilton
 Feb 5, 2009

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Kodak was planning to “seek partners to share the costs or possibly sell” the Kodak Gallery and NexPress businesses. In a conversation that I had with Kodak this morning, it became clear that the Wall Street Journal had misinterpreted Kodak’s statements and jumped to an incorrect conclusion about divestment. During the investor conference Kodak did say that it needed to transform and position its Kodak Gallery and NexPress businesses (it made the same point about image sensors and OLED businesses). Kodak, however, says that no mention was made of divestment. For NexPress, Kodak said that it intends to explore partnerships and alliances, as well as look at segmentation and licensing opportunities. Read more »

Global Imaging / ComDoc Deal

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 Jan 30, 2009

Earlier today, Xerox Corp.’s Global Imaging Systems announced it is acquiring ComDoc, a regional document solutions provider (aka “dealer”) based in Akron, Ohio. While the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, it was mentioned that after the deal is finalized, ComDoc will start selling Xerox document management products.  For those not embedded in the day-to-day battles of selling copiers and related solutions in the Ohio area, you might think, “OK, a local Akron dealer is acquired. Why is this even in the news?” Well, the reality is the ComDoc is larger than that.  Is this a blockbuster deal?  No.  It does not come close to ranking up there with the big deals over the past two years – Xerox/Global, KM/Danka, and Ricoh/IKON.  (I would put HP/EDS here too, but that’s a different type of deal all together.) But it does warrant some perspective.  Read on if you dare to care.

Read more »

Canon’s Response to Ricoh’s Acquisition of IKON

Jim Hamilton
 Nov 6, 2008
Canon advertisement in Boston Globe, 11-06-2008

Canon advertisement in Boston Globe, 11-06-2008

Canon placed a full-page advertisement in today’s Boston Globe (and presumably many other newspapers) with the message; “Your Business Solutions Started with Canon…So It Makes Sense to Stay with Canon Business Solutions, Inc.” Though neither IKON nor Ricoh are mentioned, the clear message of the advertisement is that those who value Canon products, service, and financing should stick with Canon, and specifically with the Canon Business Solutions division of Canon USA. This advertisement is a visible sign of what transpired last week with the IKON shareholder vote approving the transaction and Ricoh’s announcement of the completion of the acquisition.

Last week at an analyst briefing during Graph Expo, Canon made it clear that while it valued its authorized partners such as IKON, its policy was clear in cases where a competitor acquired such a partner. This policy, which Canon invoked when Global Imaging Systems was acquired by Xerox and Danka Office Imaging was acquired by Konica Minolta, can be briefly summarized as follows: Canon will cancel all contracts with authorized business partners that are acquired by a Canon competitor.

Today with the placement of this advertisement we see how Canon is reacting. Canon Business Solutions must carry a greater load and so we can expect to see more emphasis there. Canon has demonstrated that it is looking at acquisitions as well, most recently with San Francisco-based NEWCAL Industries. Competition will also be fierce for IKON’s strongest sales representatives, who Canon knows well and will certainly want to lure over to the Canon fold. Dual-line dealers who carry Ricoh and Canon products will be another key target. Canon will certainly make effort to insure that Canon products are promoted as the primary offering.

IKON represented a very significant chunk of Canon’s business. The loss of IKON as a partner, while significant, is something that Canon can’t change but it can fight for control of its installed base. This advertisement provides insight on one aspect of how Canon intends to respond to Ricoh’s acquisition of IKON. More will certainly follow as this battle for installed base plays out over the coming weeks and months.

Ricoh Vision 2008

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 Oct 22, 2008

The Ricoh Vision 2008 show was held last week at the Omni Championsgate Resort in Orlando, FL, and a few of us were in attendance. The theme of the show, “Leading the REVolution,” emphasized the Real Enhanced Value (get it?) that Ricoh and its dealers are poised to provide.

Ricoh executives were on-hand to speak with dealers and analysts, provide insight into the current state and future of the organization, as well as (broadly) comment on possible implications and scenarios following the IKON deal. We were also privy to a full analyst briefing, tech expo, and dealer seminars on environmental sustainability, production print, and REV solutions. (Clients – watch for our full analysis next week!)

For me, the highlight of the event was a toss up between guest speaker Pat Riley, Chris Bliss’s amazing juggling to The Beatles, and Kirk Yoshida’s “I’m Back” general session.  I guess the Florida weather in October wasn’t too bad either.od.

PS Did you know Ricoh sponsors the sustainable development award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair?

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