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Do you have a “green” logo?

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 Nov 17, 2008

I was watching football on NBC last night and noticed the green peacock at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Since we’ve had a few inquiries in the past few months on the ‘green’ topic, I thought I’d do a quick image search for other green corporate logos. I don’t know that all of these are intended to be “eco” logos,  of course… green might just be a soothing new color that McDonalds is trying out versus that aggressive red/yellow contrast of the past. In any case, the connection between ‘green’ and ‘nature’ (or money?) could still be the culprit for these experimentations…Do you have a logo to add?

Watch out for a detailed analysis on ‘green’ in the next month… we’re going to talk about influencers, regulations, what others are doing, and what they could and should be doing.

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